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Affordable Health Insurance For Kids Question & Answers

2013 December 21
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

What are good things to have in health insurance for families.?

I’m looking to buy health insurance for my self and my kids,but I don’t under stand what things mean like they talk about coinsurance, deductibles how do I know what’s the best one? I’m looking for affordable n with good coverage can you help me? I need low monthly payments and low copayments

Sarah Fields answers:

The higher the deductible and co-insurance maximum the lower the premium. The deductible and co-insurance refer to what you pay when you use medical services. Since you don’t understand what they are it would be best to contact an agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can take the time to explain the plans available to you and can make sure you understand the plans. There is no charge using an agent.

Mandy asks…

How bad will the insurance coverage get under the Affordable Health Care Act? Mine just keeps getting worse?

Its now been changed to only cover 70% rather than 80%. The copay and deductible are higher. The notification said that the company I worked for was being pressured to reduce costs due to the Affordable Health Care Act. So now I guess I need a supplemental health insurance policy. I guess that looks better on Obama’s statistics but it sure doesn’t help the people who need insurance. How does that save me money? Why does anyone support this bill? It stinks.

Sarah Fields answers:

The health care plan was written badly, but in a way it isn’t fair that people on food stamps get free health care and the people paying for them don’t.
It will bankrupt us all, and the idea of fining people who don’t want the public plan for themselves is not something a free country would ever ever do. But this is part of the Cloven Pivens plan to get rid of a capitalistic free society.


In Australia they have a system where people pay taxes for it but can also have their own plan in addition, and then get some tax break for doing so. The people I met were happy with that.
The Democratic Party will sweep in, save the day by nationalizing all major industry, vastly increasing union size and powers over the workforce, dramatically increasing the IRS’s authority over our lives and making socialism the new political model.

Let me give you a recent example of how this will work. At the G-20 conference, our president spoke about how the governments of the world need to act prudently to turn the global economies around. His idea of prudence is to print more money and dump it into the economy to stimulate the marketplace. As we saw with the stimulus package, most of these moneys get

dumped into programs to save union jobs in unions that are pro-Democratic Party.

But how does this affect us directly? Every time the government prints up new money, the value of the dollar goes down (which automatically makes everything cost more) and the amount of the national debt goes up. When that debt goes up enough, the government will collapse through financial insolvency. Such a scenario brought Hitler to power.

And you don’t even want to know how the new “Wall Street” bill, just passed, is eventually going to increase our bank fees.

When the federal government has completely gained control of the production and distribution of goods in this country, income tax is going to double — just as it has in other socialist countries. That will mean the president lied about increasing taxes. It makes me wonder what else he is lying about.

This is no longer about Democrats vs. Republicans. The political landscape has changed.

This is about progressive socialists vs. The rest of us — and the progressives are part of the power elite of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Are we going to stand by and let the progressives change America forever, or are we going to do something about it?

I think what it really boils down to is we need to get the unemployed jobs to pay into the health care program so that workers don’t become slaves to the non working.

Obama’s decision to hire Chinese contractors to do government jobs recently was astoundingly stupid unless his true intention is to destroy america via the Cloven Pivens plan and replace the gov with a socialistic dictatorship.

But I’ve lived on communes in the sixties and can tell you, John Lennin makes communism sound great in his song Imagine but its a terrible way to live, honest. I tried it.

O is attempting to outsource everything; check it out! And that will break the wallets of working Americans if they have to pay for non workers food, homes, transport and medical care. Perhaps women with two kids already on welfare should not be profiting by having more children who wil be a burden to those who do work, they are being rewarded,.
Its easier to complain that to come up with a workable solution, isn’t it!

Sharon asks…

Are you for or against Affordable Health Care?

Are you for or against Affordable Health Care? The Affordable Health Care Act makes insurance companies spend 80% of the money they take in on actual health care. The ACA also allows parents to keep their kids on their insurance policy until age 26. The ACA also help some people on SS to get extra help with their prescription drugs. The Affordable Care Act could be even better if it were a single payer system instead of a for profit system. Why do conservative prefer a for profit health care model and no protections for preexisting conditions?

Sarah Fields answers:

They dont realilze that in 2014 if they buy insurance from the exchanges that will be established, their health insurance premiums will be lower because everyone will be required to participate. This is how old time farmers insurance exchanges worked, how Congress chooses their health plans. People dont take the time to read the provisions.

This is an experimental 8-year plan and much of it is being adjusted and modified along the way. The basic purpose of this plan is to get everyone insured and as an inducement the government is giving the tax credit to help defray the cost. The fine is the penalty for not buying insurance. How else can you get everyone to be insured? In view of the fact that Repubs in Congress turned down a government health insurance plan that would have been cheap because it would have competed with private insurance which would have actually made insurance companies lower their rates.

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