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Affordable Health Insurance For Kids Question & Answers

2015 August 2
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

How do I get health insurance for my 2 year old son?

I have a 2 year old son and me and his mother are separated and I want to get him a health insurance plan. His mother is not working now and I work on my own so I don’t have health insurance from work to cover for him and we are about to go to court to settle for child support and custody and I want to have him on health insurance. Please any help will be appreciated. Where do I go or where do I call? is any health insurance good or how does this work? Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

Every state provides insurance for children who dont have it. The cost will depend on your income, and it is very affordable. We live in NY and my kdis have Child Health Plus. You can download the forms off the computer but it is best to see someone and have them help you fill the paperwork out and make sure you have al the documents you need. Since his mother isn’t working, she may qualify also..through a different type of insurance, and he may be able to get on her insurance. Then if you dont qulify..try! The insurance for a single person isn’t that bad.

My kids have child health plus, my husband owns his own business so we pay for ours. We cant afford to pay for all of us, that would be more than our mortgage):

It is a form of welfare(but you do pay into it) so contact your welfare office and ask about insurace for your son and what you will need to do to get it for him. When I say affordable, we pay $45 a month for 2 children and it is great insurance, and I am so greatful they are able to have inusrance.

Sharon asks…

When will the politicians realize , we don’t care who they’re opponent has slept with?

We want to know when my kids are going to get affordable health insurance.Yet since the dawn of time they have always dug up dirt on their opponents. Who cares anymore? I want issues!

Sarah Fields answers:

I think the made public because everyone seems to care…the short attention spans of the voters is about as long as celebrity stays in rehab….Seriously – perhaps it is because people really don’t believe that anyone is really going to do anything about health insurance issues, illegal immigration, the war, the cost of education and how the world perceives us….I hope I am wrong….but maybe all the headlines and soundbites catch interest because people have given up hope….. :(

John asks…

Do you get dental insurance from someone other than your job? Who do you get it from?

My husband’s job offers health insurance but not dental. We need a good company with affordable monthly payments for us and our 2 kids. Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

Another alternative that you can use, is a PAO for your dental needs. I have a dental plan that is very affordable for my family. They have been around for 15 years and are the #1 Provider Access Organization in the U.S. It is only $19.95 for an entire household. There is no deductible or co-pay. Cosmetic procedures are covered. All specialists and braces. There are no caps or limits utilizing the benefits. The providers within the network are of high quality and value. Do your research at . I hope this is helpful for you and your family.

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