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Affordable Health Insurance For Kids Question & Answers

2013 September 26
by Sarah Fields

Ruth asks…

How much do you pay for health insurance and who do you have?

People keep saying that Romney care made insurance affordable in MA. If health insurance in MA is cheap compared to other states I’m wondering how much you pay and where do you live? I live in MA and I pay $14K a year for Tufts. BCBS of MA wanted nearly $20K.

Sarah Fields answers:

I do not pay anything because I don’t have health insurance. I also haven’t been to a doctor in 3 years. The bare minimum of health insurance would cost me 320 dollars a month. I make 1100 before taxes are taken out and I have 3 kids to support. I do not qualify for any kind of help. I’m doing it on my earnings and child support. My job doesn’t even offer health insurance. I’m so totally screwed

Mary asks…

Where can I get affordable health insurance for my family?

USA 2013, it’s now illegal, NOT to have medical insurance for everyone in your family. I get insurance for myself through work, which is mostly paid for by them, except my high deductible and co-pays, which I can barley afford. My wife and kids will cost me over $800.00 per month to insure through my employer. Can’t afford that, it’s almost as much as my rent. Half the insurance companies I’ve applied for say I make too much, the other half tell me I don’t make enough. What I’m I supposed to do, eat or have insurance? If I just don’t buy any, I’ll be penalized through taxes at the end of the year. So, does anyone know of any good health insurance companies out there? Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

The healthcare bill passed by Congress is a mess of special interests and rules that will cost the tax payers a tremendous amount of money.

Obamacare is a mess.

I am not against a National Healthcare system, I would just like them to put one in place that works.

An interesting book to read is called “The Healing of America” which compares healthcare systems of other nations.

Thomas asks…

How can I get affordable health insurance because of obama care?

I work but i have 2 kids to support and I Make Minimum Wage.. plus rent and bills.. Does anyone have any suggestions about how i could possibly get health care or what will happen if I just simply cant afford it? And no smart ass remarks like get a better paying job. Jobs are hard to find where I Live and i am making it with what i have. But obama forcing us to have health insurance is making me wonder what Options i have. Medicare? or some kind of afforable health insurance? would love to hear people who are in the same boat i am. and any POSITIVE Suggestion would be helpful. Thanks
I am talking about for myself so i dont get fined…i read you will be fined for not having insurance

Sarah Fields answers:

The problem is the Secretary of Health is writing the thousands of pages of rules and regulations as we speak, so nobody really knows what is going on.

Currently, if you make less than 133% of the Federal Poverty Level you will automatically be placed on welfare. If you make between 133% and 400% of the FPL you will qualify for a subsidy, unless you have access to a group plan through an employer (even if you don’t take it) and only if your state sets up an “exchange” marketplace plan. This subsidy will be in the form of a tax credit.

Medicare is not an option unless you are over age 65 or are disabled. Your options are to get on a group policy through an employer or to purchase your own. How that will be we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

The fine is $95 or 1% of your income, which is much less than the 9 1/2% of your income that 0bama considers to be an “affordable” premium.

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