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Affordable Health Insurance For Pregnant Women Question & Answers

2013 November 11
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

Looking for Good Affordable Health Insurance?

Im 20 a year old woman in college, I recently found out I was pregnant. I want to find affordable health insurance coverage for me and my unborn child. I dont want to rely on government assistance. I was jus wondering what should I be looking for in health insurance, and maybe some suggestions in policies or insurance carriers! Thanx a whole bunches!

Sarah Fields answers:

Best of luck if you’re in the US. Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. You’ll be lucky to get a policy written at all. As for coverage for your child, in my state, there isn’t an insurance company that’s even writing policies for children only. The only way to get a child insured is to add to the parent’s policy. But, if the parent doesn’t have a policy, you’re out of luck. You can thank the Republi-won’ts for blocking single-payer health insurance, leaving us with the mess we have how.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of any low cost prenatal care?

I live in Kansas and make too much to get a medical card through the state. My insurance doesn’t cover much and my doctor, might I add is the only OBGYN in a 60 mile radius, requires you to put down $1000.00 before he’ll even see you. Does anyone know of any plans to get on for pregnant women or any clinics or doctors?

Sarah Fields answers:

The birth of a child costs approximately $5000 just for the birth. Prenatal visits costs around $270 each plus labs and sonograms. (labs range between $15 to $400, sonograms $300 plus each).

You can try to go to Planned Parenthood for more affordable prenatal care, but there will still be a cost for you. No one does this for free. Midwives that do home births are more affordable, but you still have to PAY them.

You can see if your state has medical care for people that are above the poverty level, for a FEE. That means that you will have to pay monthly insurance fee and co payments like everyone else, but not everyone qualifies. I suggest you call your local Health Department for alternatives.

Or pay like everyone else, get a loan etc. You should budget around $8000 and hope an dpray the child does not need to go to the NICU ($10.000 a day)

Charles asks…

I don’t think I can get pregnant. I don’t have health insurance but i want to know if I can. What do I do?

I am with this guy and I’m not planning on having kids anytime soon BUT I want to know if I can get pregnant. I do have my periods (not normal) somtimes months on, then months off. I don’t have insurance, so I can’t see a doctor. What do I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

I do not have health insurance and my husband and I are still planning on starting TTC soon. I have tried for about 2 years to find affordable maternity coverage and have obviously been unsuccessful. We are now looking into using a birthing center. It is much cheaper then going through a conventional hospital. (FYI we are both 27 and have bachelors degrees)

Just to give you an idea about costs. I took the cheapest insurance company I found and did the math for coverage. It would cost at least $8,000 out of my pocket for me to have a baby WITH insurance AND that’s if I get pregnant the first month I start trying. Birthing centers and midwifes cost about 2,500 to $4,000.

About your irregular periods you would have to see a specialist. I also know that most birthing centers also provide general woman’s health care at a much lower cost. When I lost my health insurance I had great luck with Planned Parenthood for my birth control, and yearly check-ups.

I hope this helps!

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