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Affordable Health Insurance For Students Question & Answers

2014 March 28
by Sarah Fields

Michael asks…

Looking for cheap health insurance website for students?

Hello there! I’m a student and I need some suggestions, I’m looking for an affordable college student health insurance plan. There are many sites but I’m scared because I think some of them are scams. I’m looking for a cheap price. Please tell me a good one.

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are a full time student under 24 why cant you be on your parents insurance? If you have no health problems, your college has a student health center. Otherwise, you can go to a community or public health clinic and pay according to your income.

Steven asks…

Where can a recent college grad find affordable short-term health insurance?

I am not sure what to do about health insurance after I graduate from college (in a few months). I know that I am going to need some time to job hunt (my field is very competitive) and I would also like to do some volunteer work before I start my career. Problem is, if I am not a full-time student, my parents’ health insurance won’t cover me, and if I don’t or can’t find a job with benefits right away, I will be left uninsured. Any ideas where I can get affordable health insurance for short-term (no more than a year and a half) ??? Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

When I graduated from college (5 years ago), I got temp health coverage from Fortis, which is now Assurant Health. It was a simple online process. I remember it being affordable. I cannot speak for how good it is, because thankfully, I did not need to use it. After 6 months, it expired and that was it

If I just graduated, I would take a serious look at this site. They seem to specialize in students.


Just make sure you read what they will not cover. For example, don’t get pregnant.

Good luck


Betty asks…

Is their affordable Health Insurance for full time students?

I’m a full time college students & I no longer have Health Insurance because I turned 19. I can’t go on my dads plan because its for people 65 & over or disabled. I’ve looked on the internet and haven’t really found anything afforable besided for International students & and not internaional. I’d like to find insurance like they can get from ISO where they can pay $27 per month. I haven’t found anything like that for myself & only paying 27-40 dollars a month would be GREAT! Can anyone help me?

Sarah Fields answers:

If you want a policy for $40 a month, it’s going to have a HUGE deductible – like $5,000 – $10,000. If that’s ok, go to a local, independent agent, and tell them you want a major medical policy.

Medical discount plans are in your price range, but they aren’t insurance! They offer you a discount, between 25% to 60%, to a limited number of providers. You might have to drive 200 miles to get to an emergency room that takes the discount – most do NOT. Then, you still have to pay your portion of the visit.

The way insurance works, the lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium. That’s JUST how it is.

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