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Affordable Health Insurance For Students Question & Answers

2015 November 3
by Sarah Fields

Paul asks…

What is the best health care plan for student while attending medical school, like nursing?

I’m a student nursing and ASAP need some health insurance, including Emergency Room coverage. Does anyone know any type of Health Insurance for medical student like that, affordable and reliable? Greatly appreciate and thanks to all,

Sarah Fields answers:

Most schools have a health coverage program for students and it is usually very inexpensive. Check with your guidance counselor.

Sharon asks…

Where can a 29 year old student find health insurance?

I am a 29 year old substitute teacher and part time student. I am looking for some type of affordable health isurance and prescription plan.
I am in need of some help…I have no idea where to look.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!

Sarah Fields answers:

Blue Cross or Kaiser..maybe Medicare? I’m not sure if you would be eligible for that. As long as you don’t have pre-existing medical conditions (or don’t tell them you do) it’s easy to get insurance.

Sandra asks…

How can we get health insurance?

My Fiance (22) and I (18) are planning to get married November 30th, but if we do, I will no longer be covered by my mother’s health insurance. We live in NY (currently Broome County) and we need cheap to free health insurance. At the moment, both of us (full-time students) have an income of zero, with no pay stubs (obviously) or other proofs of income. How can we get health coverage?

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are in college, you may want to check out health insurance programs that are written through your school. United Healthcare has a plan available at many US schools. These student injury and illness plans provide wide ranging coverage and are designed to be affordable for college students. To check if your school is participating, go to and enter your school name in the search box. You might also be interested in joining the American College Student Association (ACSA), a national organization for college students. They have lots of member benefits, including student health insurance. Their membership fee is affordable.

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