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Affordable Health Insurance For Students Question & Answers

2013 July 20
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

What’s a good job with good health insurance not needing a degree or experience?

I’m a college student looking to find a good job that has affordable health insurance all on which i can find an affordable place to live.

Most factory’s that have these benefits start with a low pay rate that doesn’t seem worth it (after gas is taken out). Any ideas?

Sarah Fields answers:

Government jobs are always a great way to go.

Although the pay is never anything to be wondrous about, the benefits are phenomenal – usually free healthcare, etc. A lot of their jobs do not require a degree, and they offer pretty legitimate job security. Not to mention there’s not any take-home work, it’s a straight up 9-5

Joseph asks…

what is a cheap health insurance for a student fixing to go trough nursing school?

I got accepted into nursing school and need health insurance. I do not believe there are any guidelines as long as you have it. I do not have a lot of money and need some affordable health insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Check to see if the school offers anything. If they do it will be the least expensive. That’s because it has the fewest benefits.

Otherwise, before someone could help you they’d need to know the following:

First, they’d need to understand your definition of “affordable”. I have clients who think their $2700 monthly premium is affordable while others complain about paying $100.

Second, they’d need to know your state because insurance companies do not write policies in every state.

Third, they’d need to know your height and weight because insurance companies will decline to accept you or may increase your premium based on your weight.

Fourth, they’d need to know what your current health condition is because insurance companies will decline to accept you or may increase your premium based on your current health.

Fifth, they’d need to know your age because premiums and availability are based on age.

In other words, talk with a local agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can help you find the best plan for your situation and budget. They can explain what you get and, more importantly, what you don’t get with the “cheap” policies. There is no extra charge using an agent.

Daniel asks…

Decent and Cheap Health Insurance Plans for International Students in the US?

I will be studying my Master in the Boston area, this September.

The grad-school health insurance is a little too expensive to me.

What would be some of the decent and affordable health insurance companies and plans?

Sarah Fields answers:

I like International Medical Group. They have plans specifically for students: You’ll not only want to compare the premium of your school insurance with other plans but also the benefits. Generally, a school policy will be very limited which is whey they are usually cheaper.

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