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Affordable Health Insurance For Young Adults Question & Answers

2013 October 8
by Sarah Fields

Donna asks…

Which of these features of the Affordable Healthcare Act do you disagree with?

1. Prohibiting Denying Coverage of Children Based on Pre-Existing Conditions.
2. Prohibiting Insurance Companies from Rescinding Coverage.
3. Eliminating Lifetime Limits on Insurance Coverage.
4. Regulating Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage.
5. Free market consumer selection of Insurance Company they choose.
6. Establishing Consumer Assistance Programs in the States.
7. Providing Small Business Health Insurance Tax Credits.
8.Offering Relief for 4 Million Seniors Who Hit the Medicare Prescription Drug “Donut Hole.”
9. Providing Free Preventive Care.
10. Cracking Down on Health Care Fraud.
11. Providing Access to Insurance for Uninsured Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions.
12. Extending Coverage for Young Adults.
13. Expanding Coverage for Early Retirees.
14. Rebuilding the Primary Care Workforce.
15. Holding Insurance Companies Accountable for Unreasonable Rate Hikes.
16. Strengthening Community Health Centers.
17 Prescription Drug Discounts.
18. Free Preventive Care for Seniors.
19. Improving Health Care Quality and Efficiency.
20. Care for Seniors After They Leave the Hospital
21. Addressing Overpayments to Big Insurance Companies and Strengthening Medicare Advantage.
22. Reducing Paperwork and Administrative Costs.
23. Prohibiting Discrimination Due to Pre-Existing Conditions or Gender.
24. Eliminating Annual Limits on Insurance Coverage
25. Promoting Individual Responsibility.
26. Paying Physicians Based on Value Not Volume.
Could you be more specific? Why for each? If you have the time.
27. Children will be able to stay on their parents insurance til 26 years old.
@Kchess07. How can they raise premiums if the law prohibits it and they add 300 Million new people who have insurance?
@ IceT: Please stick to the law and not speculate. I am asking about which of these features that are actually within the law that you disagree with and why?

Sarah Fields answers:

Everything sound good to me. Unfortunately the Healthcare Lobby don’t want to give patients the power over their own healthcare costs or stop the gravy train of record breaking profits. They are in it to make money not to help the country’s people to live.

BTW: 28. You forgot to mention the additional coverage to Veterans and Military Personnel.

Linda asks…

If My 18th birthday was September 12, 1992 and i was suppose to be kicked off of my parents health insurance?

I was reading about the Young Adults and the Affordable Care Act, and it said it got extended to age 26, but if i turned 18 around the time does that still apply to me?
Sorry I meant 2010

Sarah Fields answers:

Look, if you’re 18th birthday was Sept 12, 1992, you’re WAY past 26, and it doesn’t matter.

If you’re 18th birthday was 09-12-2010, then you get dropped off their policy, if it normally drops you at 18 (most states, it’s 19), and your parents can add you back on, at the next open enrollment.

Mandy asks…

What insurance plan should I go with?

I’m a full-time college student and I work part-time. I have no insurance but need to get some soon. What health insurance do you think I should go with that is affordable?

Sarah Fields answers:

I am assuming you are a young adult (early 20’s) and in good health. Routine care would be pretty important to you, something that covers annual psyicals and immunizations would be good. The big thing you need to worry about is accidents…broken bones, er visits, trauma care. Catastrophic insurance might be your best bet, it won’t cover your routine care, but it should cover you if you need emergency surgery. Make sure it will cover a hospitalization period and if your female will want something that includes a maternity incident.
Read the policy very carefully, ask questions and see the answer in the policy before you write a check.

Good luck.

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