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Affordable Health Insurance For Young Adults Question & Answers

2015 June 21
by Sarah Fields

Linda asks…

How can you tell how old a cat is?

I adopted a cat from a person. The person told me he is 3 but I think he might be older. How do you age a cat? What are signs of an older cat? Younger cat? Thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

Unless they are kittens it is normally harder to tell…. Kittens usually gain about 1 pound per month until about 6 months of age. With an adult cat you look at a few different things can then from there an estimated age is determined.

How big length wise are we? How much do we weigh? Are the teeth adult? What stage of periodontal disease do they have? What shape is the coat in? Are there any changes in the eyes?

After all of these being answered and depending on the answers you come up with the best estimated age. You can also take him to your vet for a well visit, which i would suggest especially if you just got him, to have him looked over and to ensure he is in good health and no problems and they can give you a more accurate age during you visit. But here is a chart that you can refer to in the mean time

If you do not have one you can check online or in the phone book and see who is in your area and what coupons they have in regards services, example free exam and nail trim. The benefit of this is that you will get to meet the doctor and get to see how they and decided to whether or not you want to use them and it does not cost you a thing =). Also make sure you have him up to on his vaccinations as recommended by your doctor

Look into getting insurance so that if your babe needs anything you will be reimbursed according to you plan here is a link to one that we recommend at our practice, they are pretty reasonable and affordable

Lastly please talk to them about preventatives such as a good diet he should be on, we recommend Royal Canin Neutered Male to our clients, flea/heartworm preventions, we recommend revolution for our cats monthly, and dental disease prevention, we recommend CET oral rinse by virbac.

Male cats are prone to urinary obstructions and obesity so the Royal Canin diet is actually designed to prevent this, any diet you use you should look at the package and see how much your pet should get PER DAY and measure out the amount daily so that you can avoid over feeding fat cats can become diabetic. Http://

Revolution is a wonderful multi topical that not only does heartworms and fleas but earmites, dewormer for hookworms & roundworms, and lice/mites. There is not treatnment for cats with heartworms so preventing it is the best option I would also recommending testing your boy for it, most clinics have a combo inhouse test that does FELV/FIV/HW that is relatively inexpensive and these are things you would want to know . Here are some links in regards to these three diseases

lastly is the oral rinse cats are prone to a form of dental disease called stomatitis heres a link so you can learn more about it

I know this is probably more information than you asked for but this is information you do need to know so that you can be aware of what is happening with your boy and how to help him be and stay healthy for as long as you can without alot of health problems.

Best of luck and congrats on your boy!

Ruth asks…

Can someone stay on there parents insurance until they are 26?

And do they still have to be in college.

Sarah Fields answers:

YES you can. This takes effect in January 2011. You do NOT have to be in college. Here is a link with more information-

“The Affordable Care Act requires plans and issuers that offer coverage to children on their parents’ plan to make the coverage available until the adult child reaches the age of 26. The issued regulations state that young adults are eligible for this coverage regardless of any, or a combination of any, of the following factors: financial dependency, residency with parent, student status, employment and marital status. This applies to all plans in the individual market and to employer plans created after the date of enactment (March 23, 2010). For employer plans that were in existence prior to the date of enactment, young adults can qualify for dependent coverage only if they are not eligible for an employment-based health insurance plan until 2014. ”

You can be on your parents’ plan AS LONG AS you do not have health care through your job.

Joseph asks…

What exactly is “OBAMACARE” and is it good for average people like me?

I’m a lifelong republican, but recent trouble with healthcare has, I think, opened my eyes to the horrible reality of healthcare in our country. What exactly is Obamacare? Is it a good thing? What are the pros and cons?

Sarah Fields answers:

Actually, there is no such thing as Obamacare, there is a health care act. It does a lot of good things for a lot of people. To me, the biggest flaw is that it hasnt’ gone far enough. We are still subject to the will of insurance companies. It comes into being in phases, so some has happened and some has not.
What it does:
Forbids insurance companies from denying coverage based on prior medical conditions. So a whole lot of people are now covered who weren’t before.
Forbids insurance companies from cutting people off from coverage when they get sick.
Allows young adults to be covered under their parent’s policy until they are 26. This helps thousands of people who can’t get jobs or can’t get jobs with benefits because corporations are not providing them any more.

Allows people who have no employer to buy affordable health insurance, with subsidies based on income so that you can get insurance for as little as $75 a year. This will be done through state run insurance exchanges.

Some people complain about the individual mandate (a republican idea). It requires people to either have insurance or pay a small tax for not having it. That tax can then be used for an insurance pool to cover the people who don’t have insurance when they show up at the emergency room.

It provides insurance coverage to 32,000,000 Americans who didn’t have it when it was enacted. That’s a good thing because it saves a lot of money. If someone doesn’t get medical care in a timely fashion, they can get seriously ill and then the tax payers have to pay for them if they don’t have insurance. If they would have become disabled (say, they could have gotten treatment for high blood pressure instead of going to the ER with a stroke), we save money in welfare and social security because that’s less disabling conditions that have to be helped with.

There are lies about death panels. There is no such thing. All it does is allow the doctor to be paid for time spent discussing end of life care – whether you want to go the whole tubes and machines route or just go without.

Some people also complain about the government getting involved in our health care. What is really happening is that MEDICAL professionals are making the decisions about what can be covered or not, rather than non-medical profit driven corporate bosses.

So yeah, it’s a good thing.

Interestingly, if asked about each part of the bill, the overwhelming number of Americans approve it. But when asked if they are in favor of Obamacare, the negative goes up. (But still a majority approves.)

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