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Affordable Health Insurance For Young Adults Question & Answers

2013 August 11
by Sarah Fields

Michael asks…

Are young adults covered under their parents health insurance till 26 under the new Obama law?

Is it true that the new Obama law states that children/young adults will receive health insurance coverage until they are 26 even if they are not in school, married, and living out of the house?

Sarah Fields answers:

That is correct. While originally health care providers could remove the enrollment plans for young-adults at the age of 19, H.R. 3962, the Affordable Health Care for America Act, changes the definition of a qualified child under §2703 “Requiring the option of extension of Dependent Coverage for Uninsured Young Adults.”

Quoted from H.R. 3962:
‘‘(b) QUALIFIED CHILD DEFINED.—In this section, the term ‘qualified child’ means, with respect to a participant in a group health plan or group health insurance coverage, an individual who (but for age) would be treated as a dependent child of the participant under such plan or coverage and who
‘(1) is under 27 years of age; and
‘‘(2) is not enrolled as a participant, beneficiary, or enrollee (other than under this section) under any health insurance coverage or group health plan.

And, to quote a summary from

“Until now, health plans could remove enrolled children usually at age 19, sometimes older for full-time students. Now, most health plans that cover children must make coverage available to children up to age 26. By allowing children to stay on their parents’ plan, the Affordable Care Act makes it easier and more affordable for young adults to get health insurance coverage.

Your adult children can join or remain on your plan whether or not they are:

* married;
* living with you;
* in school;
* financially dependent on you;
* eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan, with one temporary exception: Until 2014, “grandfathered” group plans do not have to offer dependent coverage up to age 26 if a young adult is eligible for group coverage outside their parents’ plan.”

Carol asks…

What are some affordable health insurance companies for young adults?

Im looking for some health insurance. anyone know of some good affordable companies?

Sarah Fields answers:

With health insurance, you get what you pay for. Good coverage is expensive.

Go see a local agent, to help you balance coverages and costs to get something you can afford.

David asks…

Is it true starting september 23rd, young adults don’t have to go to college for insurance?

I have been reading and going over countless resources. It appears that for young adults that if they do not turn 19 before september 23rd of this year they get to keep their health insurance without having to go to college, only if there insurance previously covered dependents.
Is my understanding correct?
Thanks for answering guys!! of i were a higher level i would give you points

Sarah Fields answers:

Under the new health care bill, sometime after September 23 or when your parents policy renewal date is up, you can be included in their insurance and you dont have to be in college at all. You can do this until you are 26. It may be expensive but it should be cheaper than you getting an individual policy or not having insurance at all and needing care. The only stipulation is that you must not have employer group health care at work. If you do get group health that is always cheaper and you wouldnt need your parents insurance. Here are some website to look up more info.


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