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Affordable Health Insurance In Az Question & Answers

2014 January 4
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

Can you send your child to another country for a boarding school?

I am considering getting my child some help but can’t afford the typical 36,000 a year. I am in AZ and am looking to maybe send him for a wake up call to another country to get help and be more affordable for us. Any suggestions I had a friend send their child to Samoa and they came back great please help. Thanks

Sarah Fields answers:

You need to be very careful where you send them as some of these overseas facilities are no better than prisons and your kid could come back even worse. Not only that, but if they are physically assaulted or even raped, you could be sued by them when they turn 18. Have you considered a psychiatric facility for your child (if you have health insurance)? Also, if your kid is hurting others, you may be able to go in front of a juvenile court judge and ask for help.

Mary asks…

Where would you go in the Phoenix AZ area to have some dental work done?

I don’t have insurance and would like the name of a dental school or a more affordable place I could have some dental work done instead of going to a high priced dentist.

Sarah Fields answers:

Called Banner Health Hospital on Thomas Road and W. 99th avenue. They have a list of dentists who will help.

Sharon asks…

I need affordable and reliable insurance for my infant in AZ any educated suggestions?

We just moved to AZ because my husband got a great new job! Since I quit my job in CA to move here I applied for state assistance with health insurance while I interviewed and went through the normal probationary period before my insurance kicks in in AZ. Despite the fact that my husbands job is paying ALL of our bills, from house payment to diapers, my husband still makes too much money for our 3 month old to be covered in AZ. (During his probation period he only makes 13.50 an hour!) We are good a budgeting, but are super concerned that our little one has no insurance. We are not going to take him to the county office to see a nurse for free shots. His health and well being are too important to us and we want him to see a real doctor. Therefore, I am looking for suggestions on a really good insurance plan here in Arizona. sorry for being so long winded, but do you have any?

Sarah Fields answers:

I suggest a combination of a high deductible PPO or
HSA-compatible health insurance combined with
the my Simple Card for the first dollar coverage. Just
put in your zip code and select the appropriate carrier
and the deductible.
This combination is most cost effective for most people.

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