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Affordable Health Insurance Ny Question & Answers

2013 November 30
by Sarah Fields

Lizzie asks…

How much should health insurance be for a 22 year old male in New York?

I’m going to be paying all my own expenses soon, just wondering how much I should expect to pay annually? I would probably prefer a plan that only covers serious, life-threatening things, and pay all the little things: check-ups, injuries, etc, myself. I’m a non-smoker if that makes a difference. If you have any information on an affordable plan, that would be great.

Sarah Fields answers:

In NY, the state sets the rate for health insurance, and also regulates what plans have to cover, and which plans can be sold.

What you’re looking for is usually considered a “high deductible” plan. You pay the first $5,000 in medical expenses every year – the little stuff – and the insurance pays everything else.

But the young and the old, pay the same rate (hey, that’s how democrats like it – so that’s how the democrats set it up in the state), so it’s “fair”. At least to the older folks.

Here’s the link with the rates and plans by county:

Jenny asks…

Medicare or other affordable health insurance?

I live in NYC, just moved here and need to find relatively affordable health insurance. Up till now was covered by plans through employers. Is Medicare decent coverage? Is it very different from others?

Sarah Fields answers:

Zippy is right on this one. You are not eligible for Medicare unless you are 65 or older, or are disabled, or have been diagnosed with renal failure. If none of these 3 apply, you cannot get Medicare coverage. Medicaid is a program administered jointly by the State and Federal government. You must meet certain income guidelines in order to qualify.

If you are not employed and are looking for individual coverage, I suggest that you contact one of the big insurance carriers in NY, like Empire BC/BS, HIP of NY, to see what products they have available to individuals.

Nancy asks…

What is the best health insurance in NY?

In the boroughs…NOT most affordable best… JUST the best, anywhere accepts.

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m partial to Blue Cross Blue Shield. But they have MULTIPLE plans.

Most likely, the most expensive plan is the best. With health insurance, you get what you pay for.

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