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Affordable Health Insurance Ny Question & Answers

2014 April 12
by Sarah Fields

Joseph asks…

Under Obama’s healthcare policy, I can pay for affordable health insurance only when I am sick?ou like to ask?

Obama said he will make sure Health Insurance companies will offer people with pre-exisiting condition.


So… I don’t have to pay for Health Insurance now, because I am healthy and plus I can save some money.

I can pay for Health Insurance after I hurt myself or get sick.
Just pay monthly fee until I am well.


Alright, fine.

I guess the Health Insurance companies will have to pay my medical bills.

Sarah Fields answers:

You are exactly correct. This is the BIG hole in Obama’s plan.

It does not give incentive for people to buy insurance when they are healthy, you can just sign up when you need it.

Hint: NY and NJ has this type of plan, and their residents pay one of the highest premiums in the nation.

Obama’s plan could only work if premiums are kept low enough to encourage healthy people to get coverage. This current plan has NO way of working in it’s present form.

Sandy asks…

Will the health care proposals now being pushed make insurance mandatory for everyone?

Hillary & Charles Rangle wanted that for NY.
I mean will every citizen be required to carry health insurance of some kind under these plans.

Sarah Fields answers:

Does not matter what President Obama says. (Im gonna close Gitmo, Im gonna bring troops home from Iraq, I will give you change.) What matters is what gets written down on paper and signed. You can read the thing yourself. The health care proposal is “hr 3200″ you can find it at, you can google that or `America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009′ or you can cutNpaste this to your browser:

If you dont want to research for yourself, then the short answer is yes, everyone will have to have insurance.
1) govt insurance will be provided to anyone who wants it, or can not afford other insurance. And youll pay based on your abilities. (From each as they can to each as they need.)
2)if you have insurance and you want to keep it you can, but you’ll get taxed on it, and once you lose it you get the govt insurance.
3) it doesnt matter what insurance you have, all the rules that apply to the doctors under the govt insurance, applies to you.

I got an idea. Want to have national healthcare? Fix medicare/medicade and the VA Hospitals. When you do that I MIGHT be able to trust you. (not you, as in YOU, but you as in, the ‘govt’ you.)

Michael asks…

How long do I have until my free health care expires?

So I live in NY and I have Empire Bluecross/Blueshielf Insurance. I’d been receiving free medical care, and it’s supposed to end when I turn 18. Does the new Health Care Bill affect this at all (assuming it doesn’t get repealed)?

Thanks so much!

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are referring to Medicaid, you have to look at New York’s Medicaid website or call your case worker to find out. I dont know what there is about Medicaid included in the Affordable Health Care Act. Here is some websites you can look it up.


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