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Affordable Health Insurance Ny Question & Answers

2015 July 10
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

Any good/affordable individual health plans for me and unborn baby in Connecticut?

My boyfriend and I are moving to Connecticut in Nov. from Seattle area. His plan can’t be renewed until next summer. I got laid off in July and am currently on COBRA plan with my former employer ($350/month). The carrier is Kaiser Permanente. The HR told me there is no Kaiser in NY/Connecticut area and recommends me to buy individual health plan with other companies. Anybody knows good health plans for young and healthy woman (with a baby coming) in Conn. area?

Thanks in advance!

Sarah Fields answers:

Get the oldest phone book you can find for the area to which you are moving.

Call any CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) listed in the INSURANCE section of the yellow pages. The CLU will have the knowledge to guide you. Since you are using an old phone directory, you are calling an experienced CLU, not just a new one.

I am not licensed in either NY or CN. Thus, this information is not meant to establish nor seek a practitioner-client relationship. (I value my license.)

Ruth asks…

How can l afford dental braces for my 12 year old daughter??

I am a single mother in the state of NY. My daugheter needs dental braces, but Health Source; her insurance does not cover it. My inome is very low and l cant’t afford it. Any suggestions???

Sarah Fields answers:

I would recommend that you visit the following website.
I have had them for about 3 years now. I signed up online and had my benefits active in 2 hours. I have used the for all dentistry work because the plan is very affordable. I know for a fact that all dentistry work is included. Othordontics, braces and cosmentic surgery are included also. Out of personal experience I saved around 3 thousand on my braces because of this plan. They should be in your area. Good Luck.

Linda asks…

Best public health insurance plan in nyc?

I’ve been traveling after college and won’t go back to school for another year. I’ve been volunteering only and haven’t worked for over a year. I don’t qualify for medicaid, but there must be affordable public plans available since i have no income. I started filling out the FHP app and got lost in the part where you choose from a list of private companies. Help!

Sarah Fields answers:

Call 800-342-3736 or 311 if you are stuck and need help.

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