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Affordable Health Insurance Question & Answers

2014 April 24
by Sarah Fields

John asks…

Know where to get affordable health insurance for student and family?

I am a full time student, married with three kids. My husband is self employed and I am wanting to work part time so I can study. Does anyone know where to get affordable health insurance? My college doesn’t offer health insurance and neither one of us will be able to get it through an employer.

Sarah Fields answers:

~~If you are in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, or Hawaii, you can great coverage, with very reasonable rates through Costco Health Insurance and they have a small business plan which requires no preexisting conditions. Call 1-800-611-9057 at ext 2206. This reaches Lisa which is the rep we used and she was excellent and getting us an excellent package. One requirement is you have to be an Executive Member (higher yearly cost, but you always get 2% back on all your purchases, so we end up making money on ours. It also offers dental with it too. We have been so happy with our policy! Hopefully you live in one of these states. Best of luck!~~

Donna asks…

How can i get affordable health insurance, with a low income?

I work part time,i am physically disabled ,my husb is unemployable,rejected from disability, i have very bad health condition and need health insurance to continue….How can i get affordable health insurance that won’t cost me a fortune? I have gone to the DPA and i was rejected by them. I suffer with depression/(diagnosed bi-polar) ,,disc disease,IBS….i must obtain medical Insurance to continue treatment in order to continue working…how can i get help?

Sarah Fields answers:

Health care could be as easy as contacting your state assistance employees. For meds you should contact the companys who make that specific drug. They have discounted if not free for those who apply. Councelling services – call around and explain your situation they might discount your rate if not give free sessions. They have a percentage of cases they need to do for free.

Contact a lawyer due to being rejected disability. You need some legal help to force some issues.

Lisa asks…

Why after almost 4 years in office, can we not get affordable health insurance that was promised us?

I have a preexisting condition which makes it difficult to get affordable Health Insurance. I have found that it is better in some instances to have no insurance then to have it and not get quality coverage. The limited indemnity insurance does not cover what it is worth to go to the hosipital. Pays $100 on a $4000 bill.

Sarah Fields answers:

It takes a long time for systems and institutions to turn around, especially complex ones like health care. It is not something that can happen overnight. People are invested in the status quo and changes are gradual.

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