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Affordable Health Insurance Question & Answers

2015 March 31
by Sarah Fields

Joseph asks…

what are some affordable health insurance in the NJ area?

I am 25 years old and currently unemployed. I will be a student in the health care field and I’m required to purchase health insurance. I also have to get a physical exam along with vaccinations. I looked online for some insurance and I have to pay at least $250 a month which is too much for me. Are there any affordable health insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

$250 is a great price for a low/no deductible plan in NJ, you must be in perfect health and not overweight.

You can cut the price of that insurance way down, by taking on a huge deductible. Of course, that means the insurance doesn’t kick in, until AFTER you’ve paid that deductible – you’d be paying for the checkup and immunizations out of pocket.

There’s no super cheap insurance with no deductible. With health insurance, you get what you pay for.

Betty asks…

Where can I get affordable health insurance in PA for my new small business?

I am an enrolled IRS tax agent and have opened a small office with 2 full time employees. I need to find affordable health insurance for my employees. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sarah Fields answers:

Contact a local agent who sells it, they will have all of the best plans. You won’t be able to purchase this online.

Steven asks…

Having a hard time to find affordable health insurance?

I just need a simple surgery on both my ears. About a year ago I developed a keloid on both ears. I know they can get bigger so I want to get it fixed before it looks like a grape behind my ear. My biggest problem is in finding affordable health insurance. Can anyone tell me a good site to go to for affordable health insurance? All answers would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Fields answers:

I can certainly understand why you might be having a hard time finding health insurance. The problem is that you don’t develop a health condition over the period of a year and then decide to get health insurance because you now need surgery.

It would be like having a collision with your car and only then deciding that you had better get some auto insurance so you can repair your car (I see in a previous question you are also seeking cheap auto insurance).

Call an insurance agent who is familiar with what alternatives might be available for someone who has a preexisting health condition.

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