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Affordable Health Insurance San Diego Question & Answers

2013 September 6
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

I live in san diego and need affordable health insurance? I make 11,000 year.?

my parents insurance no longer cover me and graduate school insurance is really expensive. Can anyone help! I make less than 11,000 a year

Sarah Fields answers:

Honey, you can’t live on $11,000 a year. Health insurance isn’t based on your income, unless you’re looking for welfare health insurance. Your problem isn’t the health insurance, it’s your income.

NORMAL health insurance costs $250 a month, if you’re healthy. Which probably makes that grad school coverage look pretty darned good.

Ken asks…

I planned to get pregnant…now I am.Now what??I found out by a home pregnancy test.?

I don’t have health insurance,I was thinking about going to get Medicaid next week,but would they need a confirmation that I’m pregnant by a clinic?? what else should I do?? As you can see,this is my very first time having a baby =)

Sarah Fields answers:

Hi congrats ..!!!!

I dont know about insurance things but mostly they dont ask u for proof as u want insurance to get checked for sure that u are pregnant … Its gonna be funny ..

U r pregnancy depends on ur past record of ur health . U say u planned and succeeded … Now do ur monther have any history of problems during her pregnancies .. Then consider those and take special care .. U need lots of nutritional food .. Skip junk food though it tases too good ..

Eat breakfast at any cost … Make ur meals into too many appropriate meals than having heavy meals only thrice a day … U need to be getting foor all day but in less amount so that u wont get those unwanted weight but baby gets all the weight ;)

Take prenatals .. Some hospitals give samples of 100 capsules bottle if u reques them …

Try to get rest to ur MIND more than ur body ..
Walk .. Walk .. Walk start from short walks and gradually increase to long walks when u get near to ur due date ..

Pregnancy is the time to be worryless .. There is a simple formula u need to remember …

(Food + walk)* Fun – worries = (Happy + healthy )* pregnancy :)

Best of luck .. If u stay in San Diego i can give u address who can cook delicious healthy food only for pregnants in very affordable price ( anything $7)

Happy Pregnancy and Wlcome to Motherhood :)

Laura asks…

Question about Universal Healthcare?

If the quality of Healthcare is so inefficient in Western Europe why is the average lifespan of the US compared with other 1st World countries practically the same?

How many Americans can’t even afford Healthcare in the 1st place? Maybe due to not being able to get a job what with the current climate, over the usual excuse of people being ” too lazy”.

What is a person to do, if they cannot afford Healthcare simply because their are no jobs available?
I must admit that is a pretty fucking impressive story

Sarah Fields answers:

After I’d graduated from the university, I couldn’t get a job. My wife and I looked around and decided what was needed was to not depend on someone else for employment. We opened our own business using our last $5,000. Last year, we pulled just under $100,000 (our fourth year in business).

Why does everyone assume that it’s someone else’s job to give them a job? Why does everyone assume that it’s someone else’s job to GIVE them health insurance? If something is too expensive, perhaps you should work harder to get it, figure out where you can cut back on wants in order to obtain your needs, etc…

Generally speaking, Americans have more opportunities presented to them daily than anyone else on the face of the earth. And generally speaking, most Americans fail to recognize opportunity when it smacks them hard up beside the head. Sometimes, you simply have to make your own opportunities.


If you really want to effect change and make things usch as housing and health care “more affordable” perhaps you should begin by looking at the basic family unit and what’s being taught in the home. After (and ONLY after) that perhaps we should revamp the education system so that it produces something other than the two main products it currently produces: those going on to higher education and those going directly into the work force as unskilled, untrained labor who can hope for little more than minimum wage.

Got a couple of minutes? Let me tell you about my experience while stationed at Camp Pendleton.

I was living comfortably in a small apartment in La Mesa, Ca. While working at the Marine Corps Boot Camp in San Diego. I got orders to Camp Pendelton. My kids had to go from a nice, quie neighborhood school to Mission Elementary and Jefferson Middle School in Oceanside. The kids there predominently spoke nothing but Spanish. The schools had a uniform policy that was uninforcible. We enrolled our kids and got them the prescribed uniforms. Every day my son would come home beaten to a pulp. Why? For having worn the uniform required. He was a Purple Belt in Karate and I absolutely refused to allow him to do anything more than defend himself. Why was the uniform policy unenforcible? Because certain “special interest groups” threatened to sue the school district siting that it was descriminatory against those minorities who could not afford the uniforms. The schools were located out in town and even at the elementary level, had drug and gang problems. We petitioned and got aprroval to move our kids into the “On Base” schools. Funded by the same school district, under the same school administration and taught by the same pool of teachers. There was a world of difference. The kids actually wore the uniforms, there were very few fights, and the kids actually learned. It was amazing. And the difference was? That the parents all bought into the same basic belief system. They(we) weren’t making any more money than the parents and families out in the civilian communities. We were if anything, making less money. But again, we all believed in the same fundimental principles and passed them on to our kids.

It starts with the family unit.

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