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Affordable Health Insurance Self Employed Question & Answers

2013 October 16
by Sarah Fields

Laura asks…

Does anyone know an affordable health insurance company?

I am self employed and need affordable health care for myself and my child.

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on what you consider affordable. I have clients who think their $1000 per month policy is affordable because they have health conditions and others who complain that they have to pay $100.

Most major health insurance companies are like automobile manufacturers. They both offer a variety of product, from the basic low end model all the way up to the model that’s fully loaded with all the options. With health insurance you get what you pay for so if you look for the lowest premium you’ll get the basic plan, which may or may not have the coverage you want.

Stay away from the companies that advertise “group” plans for the self employed. This is just a marketing gimmick and their plans are hospital certificates, not major medical.

If you have low income you may qualify for Medicaid. Search out your states’ Medicaid website for more information. Otherwise, you should visit a local agent that works with all the major companies. The agent can find the best plan for your situation and budget and can explain what you get and, more importantly, what you don’t get with any plan. There is no extra charge using an agent.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know where I can find affordable health insurance for self employed people?

I own a small business, and need to find health insurance for my family that wont break me. Please help if you can. Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

I would check with the state you live in. For example my state (NY) has a plan called healthy NY for working people that have no insurance at reasonable rates. Go to your state’s website to check.

Mandy asks…

what health insurance can i apply for?

i’m a stay at home mom and my husband is self employed. so we can’t get insurance through work. blue cross keeps denying me. what other affordable health insurance can i apply for?

Sarah Fields answers:

What state are you in? Not all health insurance companies are in all states. But here is a list of a some options.

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