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Affordable Health Insurance Self Employed Question & Answers

2014 February 27
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

Where can I find affordable health insurance for me and my self employed husband?

For just me and him we pay $927 a month! He has no medical conditions. I take 3 medications for depression and anxiety, but its been a lifelong thing, and I require not psychiatrist or anything , like that, just the meds from my family doctor to keep my chemicals level. Can we get assistance, or is there special help for the self employed? I’m 35 and he is 40.

Sarah Fields answers:

I don’t know what state you’re in, and different states have different companies that are authorized to write business. It sound like the insurance company has done a rate adjustment on you because of the meds. Here are the areas the insurance companies use to determine rate… Body mass index (BMI=weight/height), tobacco use, health history, and some look at life style choices such as scuba diving etc. If you are on 3 meds for depression/anxiety, depending on your carrier your base rate could have as much as a 75% increase. I’m in the Dallas, TX area and there is a medical society of facilities that offers reduced fee, sliding scale or free services. Many municipalities .. I.e Dallas county here, and others in TX provide prescription drug discount cards at no charge. Many locations all over the country offer these. It might be a way for you to select a plan that has a less robust prescription drug benefit with lower premium and still get your needs met.

Helen asks…

Where can I find affordable medical insurance as a self employed person?

I am a self employed person so I don’t have medical benefits like you would if you work for a company. I am paying well over $600 a month for medical insurance coverage as a business owner. Does anyone know of a program or something that offers cheaper insurance to business owners?

Sarah Fields answers:

Look for a high deductible option also known as
health savings account compatible insurance, typically
under $200. That way you will save on your monthly
premium. For the first dollar coverage then
look for a medical discount program, typically under $100.
The combination of the two coverages will be less expensive
compared to what you have now and will give you
comparable or better coverage.

Steven asks…

Can anyone recommend an affordable catastrophic health insurance policy for individuals in NY state?

I’m self-employed.. My individual health plan with Oxford/United Health has reached the insane mark. Can I just get a simple plan for catastrophic health ins in NY State? Thank you all.

Sarah Fields answers:

Google = insurance brokers or independent
insurance agents in your area for real info.

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