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Affordable Health Insurance Self Employed Question & Answers

2015 June 6
by Sarah Fields

Nancy asks…

Health Insurance companies for the self employed?

I am begining to research self employed insurancein the state of Texas. The coverage will be for 1 adult and two teeanagers. The adult utilizes mothly prescriptions and one of the teenagers needs braces.

Can anyone suggest an affordable company that has a great reputation. We are currently with NASE and the coverage for prescriptions stinks.


Sarah Fields answers:

Some of the top insurance companies offering health insurance for the self employed in Texas include:

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
2. UniCare
3. United Healthcare

Stay away from NASE (National Association of the Self Employed) as they are affiliated with the Mega Life & Health Insurance Company and have a history of receiving a lot of customer complaints (do a Google search or Yahoo search for Mega Life and you can read some of the customer complaints even on the first couple of pages of the results).

Here are some specific things to consider when looking for self employed health insurance and specifically some information about health insurance in Texas:

Sandy asks…

Looking for health Insurance options in the State of Washington.?

I’m self employed and researching health insurance options. I live and work in the state of Washington. Any good, affordable options?

Sarah Fields answers:

There are a few ways to compare plans and rates before you find the most affordable plan for health insurance in the State of Washington.

You could look in the yellow pages under “health insurance” and contact a health insurance agent in your area who can give you quotes and review the plans available in your area. That way, if you have questions they can answer them for you before you decide.

Or, you could compare free, no obligation quotes for affordable health insurance plans online through a health insurance quote provider.

Two of the leading online health insurance quote services for the self-employed are:

1) InsureMe – they give you up to five free health insurance quotes from top-rated health insurers nationwide. To Request a free, no obligation quote, Go to –…

2) offers you side-by-side quote comparisons from a large network of health insurers across the country. EHealthinsurance has more than 900,000 clients in the U.S.

Before you decide on a plan make sure to understand how the Co-Pay works. And, review all exclusions, including any Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions.

Take the time to compare quotes at different deductible/Co-Pay amounts, you may be able to save some extra money that way.

Make sure to ask about any tax-deductions available to you for your self-employed health insurance premiums.

I hope that helps you find affordable health insurance in Washington.

Sharon asks…

How much do you pay for health insurance?

How are you covered? Through your employer, self-employed, Medicare or Medicaid?
We pay over $700 a month in private insurance. We have a $3500 deductible. We recently retired and cannot get a less expensive insurance because we have a pre-existing conditions. We are looking forward to being on Medicare. I am curious to see what others pay and how they get their insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

My family lives in Orange County California, a place where real estate is rather expensive. That said, my wife has been battling cancer (and battling our insurance company) for the past five years. Between her high risk insurance premiums and keeping up with all the things the insurance company denies, we spend more on health care every month than we do on our mortgage. $700 per month is cheap if you have a preexisting condition.

Pluto C Rat is correct. We are getting completely screwed by a segment of our economy which benefits no one except the capitalists. Insurance companies don’t add a penny of new wealth to our nation. Medical insurance companies are the worst. They employ people who’s only job is to find ways to deny claims and identify life-saving treatments that aren’t covered so they don’t have to pay for them.

The Affordable Care Act eliminates banning for preexisting conditions. We could shop for better rates but in California Anthem-Blue Cross has a virtual monopoly on medical insurance unless you want an HMO. I see value in most kinds of insurance but medical insurance has turned out to be the devil incarnate.

I am self employed but I feel like I’m working full time for our insurance company.

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