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Affordable Health Insurance Self Employed Question & Answers

2015 September 12
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

Affordable health insurance for self employed in Missouri?

I am looking for people in Missouri who need help finding an affordable solution to health insurance. I a licensed agent in Missouri and can customize plans for the self employed.

Sarah Fields answers:

Health insurance is not cheap when you are self employed. I was self employed for several years and I had coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield. I know that State Farm also provides individual policies for people. I paid anywhere from $150-$200 per month! It’s very expensive to have an individual policy but it also came in very handy at times. Good luck to you and I hope I helped.

Chris asks…

Where can i look for insurance if you are self employed?

I am currently employed in a coporation and have health coverage. I was planning on leaving but with my family history and my current medication for high blood pressure. I don’t know if i can get coverage and it be pre-existing?

Sarah Fields answers:

The Alliance for Affordable Health Care. They offer you the opportunity to join a group, so your pre-excising conditions are ignored as long as you are already currently covered.

Ken asks…

Most affordable Health Insurance provider for my employees?

I am looking for an affordable Health Insurance Company for my employees. I have 7 employees w/families and no coverage to offer because the prices are outrageous. My compnay is Incorporated, if that factors in. I have already used the sales companies that do this research for me, but I am not satisfied with the results…plus they call every 2 seconds with high quotes.

Sarah Fields answers:

The National Associated for the Self-Employed (see link below) has some good information. They have a health care Web site with some good information as well (also below). Also, some states have group-purchasing pools for small business and the self-employed. Getting insurance through a purchasing pool typically means that your employers would not have to all be part of the same health plan, which could be good for morale. The downside is that purchasing pools are relatively new and it’s unclear how much savings they really offer.

Depending on the kind of business you’re in, there may be a trade association you can join and get group health insurance through them. Some states have looser restrictions on health insurance through trade associations, meaning that you would pay less for insurance and get more coverage options. I’ve included a link below to state insurance departments – it might be a good idea to contact them or your local chamber of commerce to see if they have any ideas. You also might want to check out this Web site’s (link below), state guides to small business insurance. It’s simple but it might give you some ideas.

Oh, one last link (below). It’s to a recent Consumer Reports article about association health insurance scams.

After you’ve done some researching, try visiting I know you’ve said you’ve tried sales companies to help you, but MostChoice has a no-hassle way to shop for insurance. You fill out a short form, they send you information on health plans available in your state, and local state-licensed insurance agents contact you within 48 hours to talk about what you’re company needs in a group health plan. It’s free and you’re not required to buy anything from the agents who contact you. Just wait until one of them delivers an insurance solution that makes sense for you and your company. And be up front; let them know you’ve done the research. It sounds like you know what you want to pay. Just write down what you and your employees want in a health plan and present it to the insurance agents. Let them do the heavy lifting.

You can visit MostChoice here:

Hope this helps,

Barnes @ MostChoice.

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