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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 November 29
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

Can you get medical or medicade if you are pregnant and MARRIED?

My friend is married and pregnant but she recently lost her job and her insurance. Her husband is the sole provider and he makes 45,000 a year before taxes but she is not on his insurance. can she still get her pregnancy covered by a government program. We all live in California if that helps. Anyones stories would be greatly appreciated.
and what does it take to qualify? No ten points for you that is for sure. More info people would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m not sure of the income guidelines, all i know is that there are income limits when it comes to any kind of public assistance. I have to say that unless they have MORE than just the unborn baby, from the looks of it they make too much. Does she have any income? Liquid assets like do they own a home or rent? Own a car? High valued personal items like expensive jewelry? The bank account-savings and checking will need to be reported also. They will take this all into account, as well as the size of the family and make their decision–if they do deny her it is possible that she will qualify for share-of-cost which means that she is covered partially but has to pay a small fee and sometimes co-payments for doc appts. And medication.

I honestly think that with that much of an income before taxes it is unlikely that she will be approved even for share-of-cost. Can she get on his insurance? There should be some way she can, especially since they are married. If not there are low cost insurance plans like blue cross that may be an option. The only way to know for sure is to go to the department of health and human services closest to her, request the paperwork and then start the process of determining eligibility–again, if she’s denied she has other affordable options.

Make sure that if possible she def. Files for unemployment, by possible i mean that she didn’t leave voluntarily…as long as she was terminated for whatever reason it is likely she will get unemployment *unless she got fired for stealing or something* and in that case she would likely end up having a hearing to decide whether she would ultimately collect unemployment or not.

Donna asks…

Why is it that if your pregnant, you can’t get health insurance?

I currently have Kaiser with my fathers business(I work for him). However, he is thinking of canceling the insurance. I found out 2 days ago that I am pregnant, my father still does not know, and I know he will be happy for me, and maybe will not cancel the insurance for me.

However, why is it that if your pregnant you can’t get insurance? How about if i still want to stick with Kaiser, but have it on my name only?

Oh I live in Southern California cause I know sometimes people ask that.

Sarah Fields answers:

Stop telling her she can get medicaid because she can be turned down due to income. Tell your dad you are pg and get him to keep the insurance until after the baby is born.

Joseph asks…

what is going on with the healthcare issue in california?

i was just wondering

is health care universal at least in California?

i was wondering what was the status with that

and another question is

if it becomes universal normally would hospital gain or lose financially speaking

Sarah Fields answers:

Illegal immigrants have essentially rendered the health care system bankrupt. More & more hospitals are forced to close because they aren’t getting paid for services rendered. These illegals have no insurance or basic billing address that they can contact. The health care system has been hit especially hard by women who come across the border to deliver their babies.

The whole universal health care system is a work in progress. It still won’t help the hospitals that are forced into treating people who aren’t part of the universal health care system, like illegal immigrants.

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