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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 December 25
by Sarah Fields

Sharon asks…

Does anyone have a site to a hospital that has closed it’s doors due to illegals alone?

Just curious and wanting to look at the statistics that hospital uses. Or one that’s about to close. Thank you
Nick..Thanks at least I have a name to work with so that helps.

Game…Thanks too.

Sarah Fields answers:

I believe that would be impossible since they use the Hospitals in a lower rate , here i will just paste what health Affairs has to say about the blaming around as it is :

Immigrants And The Cost Of Medical Care
Dana P. Goldman, James P. Smith and Neeraj Sood

Foreign-born adults in Los Angeles County, California, constituted 45 percent of the county’s population ages 18–64 but accounted for 33 percent of health spending in 2000. Similarly, the undocumented constituted 12 percent of the nonelderly adult population but accounted for only 6 percent of spending. Extrapolating to the nation, total spending by the undocumented is $6.4 billion, of which only 17 percent ($1.1 billion) is paid for by public sources. The foreign-born (especially the undocumented) use disproportionately fewer medical services and contribute less to health care costs in relation to their population share, likely because of their better relative health and lack of health insurance.



Here is the website for mesa general hospital <<< yes the one the other answerer says closed down but apparently did not .

Edit :

2/3 of those which organizations such as FAIR call anchor babies are actually babies from mixed status families meaning that either the father or the mother are residents or citizens .

And here the website to parkland :

James asks…

Tips on being a Stay at home mom on less then 40K a year?

This year was the worst for my husbands job and we just had a daughter in November.
I am a stay at home mom living on my husbands 40K a year job. With my job and the cost of childcare, I would only make enough to cover child care and our auto insurance (Being 23 and 24).
We are now a one car family, and I stay at home, but I am looking at other ways to save money and what to you guys do? I am a first time mom, so any ideas would be great.

Sarah Fields answers:

My husband made about 30K this year (and we live in Northern California, not a cheap place to live!), and I am a stay at home mom (thank goodness his benefits are great!) He works in a very specialized construction and it was very slow this year :( So I feel for you. I don’t have the earning potential to make it worth me working either.

We eat in, meal plan and I try to make meals with overlapping ingredients, and have gotten pretty good at using ingredients that are around the house to make meals instead of shopping again. Check out it is very helpful for that. You enter in everything in your kitchen, and it pops up with recipes with those ingredients, or some that only need a couple more things to make something. We actually eat a lot better now that we are broke ha ha ha!

We cloth diaper which is wonderful, the diapers were bought by my mother as a gift and the ones we have are a little pricer, but there are some great less expensive options out there too! Diapers add up very quickly in cost… Breastfeeding and cloth diapers have been our saving grace I think… Heh. Also, have you looked into a program like WIC? It is wonderful and has helped us out SO much, I am very thankful for it.

I buy my son’s clothes from second hand stores (they have some very cute stuff in like new condition!), we are Baby Led Weaning him for solid foods since he was six months (he his now ten months) so we just make a little extra portion for him of what we are eating (so much cheaper than having to buy him his own seperate food) and he was exclusively breastfed until 6 months, which is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and World Health Organization, also much cheaper which is a great side benefit.

We don’t spend money on extra things, ever. It kind of stinks sometimes, but once in a while we will treat ourselves to something nice after going without long enough to have a ittle for something :) Honestly it doesn’t bother me, I have my little man, my husband and I feel like we live rather comfortably all things considered. We still seem to have cable, a phones, we have two cars, live in a two bedroom apartment (albeit small), use our heater and have enough to eat. I think we will be shutting off the cable though for the extra money and also I think we are WAY too addicted!

Basically, you figure out how to make it work. It takes some sacrifice of a few luxuries but it’s not too bad. Try not to let it stress your relationship. Things like this can really help bring you closer together, it has for us :) Good luck!

Maria asks…

Is it great to be an illegal alien in California, or what?

You get to sneak into the country with nobody doing a lot to stop you, you get to have your anchor babies here for free while the rest of us get our insurance billed thousands, your kids are legal citizens, they get to go to the same school our kids go to without you paying any property taxes, you don’t need to speak English since everything is available to you in Spanish anyway, you can now get a friggin DRIVERS LICENSE thanks to Jerry Brown, and when millions of American citizens have to pay a fine after March 31st for not having health insurance you get to laugh at them since you’re not a legal citizen and not obligated to buy any! How GREAT is it to be an illegal alien in California? (I mean, undocumented. sorry)

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes much my life has been put on hold at times because of this illegal activity. I cant believe how these illegals are seen as heroes by the left.

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