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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 February 6
by Sarah Fields

Linda asks…

Where to compliant /report my boss?

I am currently working in California, I am working full time for over two years and getting salary pay.

1st, most of my co-workers only use 30 mins or less to finish lunch, no break time because of the high volume of work. We all work at least 8.5 hours a day, and once or twice over time a week because not enough time to finish work, but we never get OT paid.

2nd, as promised by boss, I will get 10 business days for vacation after a year. But since I was preganant last year and early this year, so I used most of my vacation days for visiting doctors. I am sure I dont use all my vacation, but my boss told me I used up all my 10 days. I request to take a look of all my “request for absent” records, he said he could not find them anymore. (those records were just for last year)

3rd, since company’s health insurance was not good, I asked my boss to cancel my health insurance after I found I was preganant and I got my own insurance for preganancy. But I did ask him that I will need my insurance back after baby delivery. Right now, I had my baby already and I need to cancel my preganancy insurance and ask him to cover my health insurance provide by company. He said I will not get health insurance until I go back to work. But I’ll return to work with in 3 months. Do you think is this right?

Thanks for your time!!!
PS, company never provide a handbook or anything like that since day one we work here.

Sarah Fields answers:

There is nothing to complain about. Perhaps you can have an audience at the local bar where everyone complains about their job.

1. So what? If you are a salaried exempt worker the hours you put in are irrelevant.

2. What does your documentation show? What do your pay stubs show? He is not required to show you such documentation on a whim.

3. You are luck you can get insurance when you return. Most employers have an election period each year when you can select your benefits. In that case you can only make changes during that time frame.

Charles asks…

Hi, I’m pregnant and I’m a student in US. I don’t have health insurance. I don’t know what am I gonna do?

So my husband student too and we don’t have enough money. Is government support to hospital costs or what are the California rules for this situation?

Sarah Fields answers:

Birthright might be able to help you. Find a location near you. Their services are free, though I am not TOTALLY sure they can help because you are married. They might. Give it a try. As others have said, try Medicaid too.

You can also think about hiring a midwife and giving birth at home or in a birthing center. It will cost something, but really, it’s nothing compared to hospital costs and it’s so much more wonderful. You don’t need to be in a hospital to give birth; birth is natural and as long as everything is okay throughout pregnancy, your midwife will help you give birth at home or in a center. It’s a very peaceful, empowering experience. They know what to do in case of an emergency and are a lot friendlier, to be honest.

I hope you find a solution, but whatever that may be, always remember that your baby is a blessing! We aren’t always prepared for things, but that’s okay. Just do your best one day at a time and try to enjoy the ride, because a baby is a wonderful gift.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find a class about Baby Care Basics..?

I think one would be very helpful for me and my bf.
But how can I find one?
I live in California.

Sarah Fields answers:

I have Kaiser med. Insurance and they offer TONS of free classes. Their wonderful! I just love Kaiser!! You might wanna check at your doctors office to see if they offer anything, or if they can refer you to places, or your local health clinic may be able to help.

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