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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 February 25
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

Can someone please explain California’s “medi-cal”?

I am 20 and do not have health insurance. I live with my fiance and we’re trying to figure out which medical coverage is going to be best, to get medi-cal or to sign on to his work benefits.If we sign me in his benefits in a month after our wedding, it cost over 200 a month.But someone told us that you can sign up for medical and its better.I’ve never heard of it.Where can I find out more and does it cost anything?We live in Cali, and are planning on trying to have a baby, so I’d like to go see a doctor asap beforehand.Is it going to be better for us to pay to sign onto his benefits, or less to have medical?Do they charge month to month.I have no idea.Someone else told me to go to planned parenthood and they would help to, but do you pay, can you go there to have a well visit to plan to have a baby? Some one with experience please help! Thank you.

Sarah Fields answers:

Medi-Cal is the health insurance plan offered by the government and it can help out in your situation.

Medi-Cal is free for those who fall in the lower income bracket, and if you don’t, then you would need to pay a portion of your fees.

The benefits of Medi-Cal is that it is taken at virtually any health facility and has very good emergency medicine coverage. The disadvantages is that most often if you would like to get preventive medicine, you would have to go to state run health facilities such as LA County General or clinics. Some private health offices do take Medi-Cal, but most do not.

It is expensive to sign with the health insurance that your job offers, but by personal experience, I’ve had better service with private insurance and they cover a lot more, including precriptions.

Here’s the medi-cal website to get you started, but you should look into both medi-cal and private insurance. Do the homework and see what is really necessary.

And the baby situation, first congratulations! And second, definitely go get prenatal care. Planned parenthood is a clinic that does not do prenatal care, but a health clinic that offers pregnancy tests and things of that sort. If you do not have insurance it’s best if you can get to the health department of your county and they should be able to help you. There is a prenatal clinic available in every county, I believe.

Mary asks…

What to do about those chain stores, banks, mortgage lenders, and state agencies, etc., that are facilitating?

We need to chastise them! Complain to the management, in the stores where you shop. Write, call, fax or email their corporate offices. Complain to local, state and national governance. Tell them that they are undermining the unity of our county by promoting the divisive use of a second language. Point out the problems that Canada has with the French speaking province of Quebec. Tell them how unhappy you are that they have chosen to pander to the Hispanic community. A community that is emboldened and supported by ALL the major national Hispanic organizations who’s racist agenda includes, incessantly and vehemently: Endorsing and promoting open borders and the massive illegal Hispanic invasion of our country; while constantly and arrogantly promoting bi-lingualism!

For those whiners and complainers, many of which get FREE medical care, it would seem that the BEST solution to the lack of FREE interpreters, . . . is to learn English! Or . . . let’s see some of those ‘family values’ that George Bush claims the Hispanics have, and have them scout up a family member, etc., to help translate. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how quickly they would come up with someone to help them, if they had to PAY for their translating services. Just think . . . the cost of those services provided FREE to them, are then added to YOUR medical bills the next time you need medical care. Our country has regularly capitulated to Hispanic demands which will forever alter our nation’s health, social, political, law-enforcement, economic and educational institutions, in much than same manner as our government, banks and shopping malls have already done! When will Americans start fighting back and DOING something to stop the insanity? Only you know!

Sarah Fields answers:

Thanks for the message Zoe, and to bring awareness to the problem of illegal immigration that result to INEQUALITY between taxpayers and non-tax payers, the latter consuming our resources. Those pundits of illegal immigration will keep denying illegals usurping WELFARE because they dont have papers. Outright lie. They dont ask WELFARE for themselves being the illegal parents, but for their anchor babies. They are extended beneficiaries of WIC, Medicaid, soup kitchen etc,. Give them more incentives not to report that they work. When responsible people think of prosperity thru planned parenthood, safe environment for their offspring, college education for their children, illegals procreate (not in the same values we hold apparently for starting a family) because they KNOW for decades that a citizen child is their meal ticket. The government never ask if you’re undocumented, only if you are qualified, and having an anchor child qualifies you for anything in California. Why do we get penalized by paying for the illegals crowding our schools and bankrupting the hospitals? Why elected goverment officials keep on trying passing a law giving driver licenses to illegal aliens, when they dont even want to learn the language? It is not RIGHT to impose on taxpayers making them wary who would be driving next to them in the freeway, if they succeed. Do you think these people will have car insurance? Nope, after they cause you injury or death they will just drive straight to the border.

Sharon asks…

Precancerous cells and a cyst on my ovari?

A few months ago, I recieved a call that my pap smear was abnormal and that they found precancerous cells. I know that alot of women get a call similar to this, but what scares me is that cancer runs in my family. Before the call, my periods were very irregular. They were painful and very heavy and lasted longer than they ever have before. I had a baby 4 months ago, but, they shouldn’t be that painful, right? I also have a cyst on my ovari. I’m trying to get an appointment to have an ultrasound done but it’s hard because I don’t have a medical card right now. Today I started bleeding and it’s not my period. What is going on? Should I be worried?

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, please find some kind of government sponsored health clinic, like Compassion Pregnancy or Planned Parenthood or if your state has a welfare-provided program (in California it’s Medi-Cal)
You may just have endometriosis or something like that, but it needs to be diagnosed for sure.
Please look into how to get treatment without a medical card. Look into Planned Parenthood first, I think even if there’s not one in your area, they should have referrals for you of doctors who will accept low income, no insurance patients, or they can advise you on how to apply for benefits for your particular state.

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