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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 March 7
by Sarah Fields

Richard asks…

I just found out i’m pregnant & i currently have no insurance?

i’d just like to know what options i have , im from california. I havent gone in for any pre-natal checkup yet but would like to soon. im about a month or so along.

Sarah Fields answers:

Go to your local Social Services Department and apply for ‘Medi-CAL’ .. It’s Government insurance; it should take care of ALL pre-natal and ALL labor & delivery costs .. And it will even pay for the baby’s health care after the baby is born.

If you’re low-income, then they might even give you money for you and the baby to live on! And to keep you afloat while you’re pregnant.

Congrats! On the baby! Take care, God bless!

Nancy asks…

wife is pregnant but my insurance doesnt kick in until after my 90 probation period.?

Me and my wife just moved from california to minnesota for a job i took. we recently just found out that she is 8 weeks pregnant. and my benefits dont start till june 15. which is still 8 weeks away. what should i do..what can i do. how important is it to get that first doctors visit. need help? my wife is stressig and where worried about the baby

Sarah Fields answers:

In MN any pregnant women can get on Medical Assistance with financial guidelines…. These standards are high! Call your county and ask them they should have you with some health care within a couple of weeks! MN has good health coverage for pregnant women! Good Luck!

Oh, they also have sevaral planned parent hood type places around that are free or low cost that will do an u/s and get you her prenatal vitamins!

Donna asks…

My 2 year old baby girl has Medicaid in Florida. Can I transfer this service to California?

Sarah Fields answers:

No, must reapply. There are different rules,

Get a job and pay for your childs on health insurance

Stop asking me to take care of your child.

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