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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 March 22
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

Have to Let It Go POll: What is something beyond your control?

Sarah Fields answers:

Thank you for reading this (I know it is long) & letting me tell someone our story. I have no friends (moved here from another state). So, I guess I am kind of lost without female friends to vent with. Maybe my story will help someone or let them know they are not alone.

Well, my story is unbelievable (& I need to write a book) My Mom lives with me & my husband.

My husbands ex-wife – a 2 time convicted felon (murder & attempted murder) who has never worked & takes more than 25 % + of our income (computers every year, child support, health, vision, dental insurance – insurance is very expensive nowadays – & $ 80.00 every time we want to see the children (for an escort to pick them up & drop them off). Sometime we don’t have the $ 80.00 to see the kids & have to cancel the visit. It is a sad but true fact – we live paycheck to paycheck.

We see them 16 hours a month, supposed to see them 10 days in Summer & 4 days in Winter (never happens). We do not get any other Holidays, Children’s’ Birthdays, Fathers Day, etc.

The support comes out of my husbands’ paycheck. She tells the children that child support is never paid. The children say stuff like – Mommy says we are poor because you & Daddy don’t give us enough money. If we gave them any more money, we would have to live out of a car.

She was married & her husband died in January. We did not find out until the end of March / beginning of April. The children said Mommy said we could not tell you because you might claim she killed her husband. By the way, her husband did not work either.

She denies us visits & gets away with it. The last few Summers have been a living hell – no Summer vacations for us & the kids. We plan & pay for great vacations & she denies them at the last minute. We have to take off work, pay for hotels & airplanes, etc. We have lost thousands of dollars every Summer. We take a cop to the house to enforce the court order. She tells them lies every time (we are drug dealers & users & sell guns on the weekends). Then, the cops give us a form to fill out. The last cop said, hey Man, I was in your exact same shoes 25 years ago with my ex – it was horrible. The only thing I can say is, one day your kids will be older & away from her (no real comfort to us except that someone has been through this before).

She killed their 11 month precious baby girl by holding it under the bathtub water with her feet. How many babies does she have to kill before someone cares ? If this happened in Texas, I think she would still be in jail.

She cracked my husbands’ head open with a chair & he almost bled to death. She used to accuse my husband of beating her (she would actually hit herself with a pan & bang cabinet doors into her own face) & call the police & have him arrested for spousal abuse. After she cracked his head open, the courts believed him (& apologized to him for not believing him before when he said that she was the one being abusive to him). She was convicted of attempting to kill him.

She has served time in prison & it is clear (to me at least) that she is a danger. Psychiatric reports say she is a danger. No one seems to care.

She has been declared insane & is on SSI for psychotic breaks. She takes a huge amount of medicines. She is a thief, a liar, & a hoarder (you know, she has one of those houses where the trash is piled to the ceiling)?

The state of California thinks she is better for the children than we are because she is their Mother ?

The middle child (15 years old) was recently hospitalized for “cutting herself” in a psychiatric hospital. The 16 year old is EMO and a truant with a boyfriend.

All of the children make “D’s” & “F’s”.

She does not make them go to school. She has a 5th grade education & has convinced the children all they have to do is get pregnant & find a “smart” man like Daddy to take care of them forever.

One of the girls recently said – my goal in life is to sit on my butt all day & play computer games while the government supports me.

I have been living with this nightmare since 2000. In just a few more years, the children will be adults & I can tell them the truth about their Mother (if they want to know). I refuse to tell them anything (their Mother told them I lie about everything anyway). She is their Mother & I know they love her – & there is nothing wrong with that – I respect that. I don’t think they would stop loving her if they knew her criminal history. I think it is bad to hear bad things about their Mom from us. However, I know for a fact that she is constantly telling them lies about us.

There is a gag order on our case & we can’t discuss it. We have gone bankrupt trying to get the kids. I am thinking of writing to the DCS & putting it in writing that I think she is insane & that if anything happens to the kids, it is their fault & I will personally hold them responsible.

She gets a free lawyer paid for by the taxpayers of California. We have to pay for a lawyer or represent ourselves.

She is the bane of my existence & I KNOW God is testing me. However, I am doing a good job of serving (& passing any of His tests) because I have not gone insane or committed a criminal act in retribution for the misery she has put us through.

So, when you think you are having a bad day, please think of these three precious children and pray for them.



Did you know that if you were arrested for crime (& not convicted & not have any charges filed) that it still goes on your record ? He has to explain this for all jobs.

Daniel asks…

Health Insurance question?

I live in California and I will be 20 years old when I have my baby. I am currently still on my parents health insurance plan and all of my prenatal visits are covered and I believe my hospital stay is also. My boyfriend and I are not married yet and we live together I am not currently working. And I am aware I need to get insurance for my baby from her being born on but does anyone have any suggestions of what company to use? Could I still be approved fr a “low income” plan?

Sarah Fields answers:

You can apply for medicaid and they will let you know if they will cover everything or if you will be on a low co-pay plan.
Oh and you can probably download the Application and print it from home and send it in through the mail and than they will contact you with the details of approval.

Charles asks…

ow much does it cost to deliver a baby without health insurance in washington hospital california ??

Sarah Fields answers:

If you go to the hospital in labor they wont turn you away just because you don’t have insurance. They will bill you though, or have you sign up for medi-cal to pay. Just don’t try to have the baby alone or at home, there are too many things that can go wrong. The answer to your question about how much it will cost,well that will depend on allot of different situations. If it is a simple birth without any complications you will be looking at between 4 and 8 thousand at least , if you have to have a c-section your looking at allot more.

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