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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 April 30
by Sarah Fields

Donna asks…

Is it true that Arbonne products work? and Why? How do I get them??

Sarah Fields answers:

Arbonne International is a private business opportunity, marketing weight loss products, baby care, aromatherapy, skin care and cosmetics, men’s line, nutrition products, etc. Since 1980. Arbonne International has its headquarters at Irvine in California. Arbonne International is a direct selling opportunity available to different representatives or consultants in Canada and United States. Most of the company’s products contain natural and botanical extracts. You can sell any of these products through different direct sales methods like online sales, selling at parties, etc. Arbonne International develops its skin care products in with the help of Petter Mørck and his team of biologists, biochemists, and herbalists. Thereafter products enter markets. Arbonne International’s products are purely herbal and they do not contain any petrolatum, mineral oil, or animal by-products. Arbonne International’s product line includes well over three hundred products. Few among them are Hormone Balancing Creams, Acne Fighting System, Anti-Aging Systems, weight loss program, skin care systems for all skin types, Baby Care, Aromatherapy, Men’s Health, etc. A special product line includes aromassentials, which are natural products for mind, spirit, and body. Most of Arbonne International’s products are in the form of Sea Salt Scrubs, Bath and Shower Gels, Rejuvenating Mists, Body Lotions, Massage Oils, Bath Salts, Soaps, etc. Arbonne International offers many incentives for its distributors like work from home, life insurance benefits, travel opportunities, sponsoring bonuses, etc. Initially, you get a choice of two Starter Kits at the time of joining- A basic starter kit for $29 and a Super Start kit for $65. These include various basics, more than 85 items, and many more products. Arbonne International has many independent and registered consultants. Such consultants place orders for different products and promotional materials for a period of a year. As a consultant, you can earn revenues through profits on sale of products and through different bonuses and other benefits. It is simple and easy to become a consultant, as costs for it are low and affordable. Arbonne International was founded over 25 years ago in Switzerland with a group of bio-chemists, biologists, and herbalists. The company’s products are based on natural, botanical principles and are formulated in Switzerland at Arbonne Institute of Research and Development. The products are hypoallergenic, botanically based, pH correct, dermatologist tested, and backed by a guarantee. Arbonne never tests on animals, and are formulated without animal products or by-products, dyes, chemical fragrances, or mineral oil. The company’s premium skin care products are made in the U.S.A and shipped out of Irvine, California. Arbonne products are special designed for men, women, teens, and children, and are sold through thousands of Independent Consultants worldwide. You can purchase Arbonne products through Independent Consultants #10821895 or online

Their proprietary formulas are: Botanically-based, pH correct, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested, Never tested on animals, Formulated without animal products or by-products, Formulated without mineral oil, Formulated without dyes or chemical fragrances. Formulatted without mineral oil because it is the 2nd worse thing we could do to our skins health for it is like rubbing car oil on our skin and exposing ourselfes to the sun, animal products come from dead animals and these come from rendering plants these plants pick all dead animal and dead animal parts (from meat houses, etc.) and they put it in a huge pot, squash everything and boils it, what ever comes to the top is the oil other companies use to elaborate thier products, gross I know…the lipstick… Ewww anyway, that is why i use botanically based products which is way much better because they get absorbed and the nutrients inside the products is what helps our skin look and feel healthy…they are not sold in stores but I buy them online at and it is a great way to buy becasue they have this money back guarantee if for some reason there is something you do not like from the products you get your money back guarantee (within 45 days from purchase) so you have nothing to loose, only the dull skin ;~)…. I know the info is too much but hope this is helpfull!!!

Carol asks…

Affordable Health Insurance in California?

I’m really sick and I went to the doctor’s office yesterday to see what I had. I was under Medical but the doctor said he couldn’t see me because I had to pay $795 dollars monthly for them to see. I don’t understand why I would pay so much, I’m 20 years old, a single mother, and a full-time student. I work too, but my income is less than $1200 monthly. Has this happened to anyone? My baby is still covered by medical but I would like to find an affordable health insurance for the two of us… does anyone know of one?

thank you [:

Sarah Fields answers:

You may have Medi-Cal but your income is too high so you have a Share of Cost for each month that you have any medical services. That means you pay $795 each month of service like a deductible. For you Medi-Cal is not free.

Of course it is ridiculous but Medi-Cal is free only for very low income people. $1200 a month is just too high for zero share of cost. You are better off buying private insurance or getting Kaiser. It would be less than half what your Share of Cost in Medi-Cal is.

Susan asks…

If I do not have health insurance in Fremont, California, and I want to deliver a baby?

how do I deliver it with low income, also, if you are going to suggest Tri City, is that good, what are your experiences with that place? I think it is Tri Shitty. Also, what else do you suggest besides Tri City? Please help me I am one month pregnant and need to figure out where to deliver a baby

Also, I just wanted to mention if you are pregnant and applying for health insurance do not tell them that you are, they refuse you flat, just tell your doctor the truth about your missed period date at your first appointment, fight with this backwards health insurance country
well, no one gives me a job, and I am aware that i need to get one and save money, and I am intelligent too, an accountant, so take that
Do not waste my time and yours with empty sentences of your bloody opinion if you are not giving me an actual suggestion of where to register and deliver a baby, got it?

Sarah Fields answers:

If all you are worried about is delivery. You show at the emergency room. They HAVE to treat you and deal with the payment later.

Try local Women’s health services. They should have good low income health support for pregnant women. That’s what they do.,

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