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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 April 7
by Sarah Fields

Donna asks…

Health Insurance for my Newborn?

I am 26 weeks pregnant and wondering about insurance coverage when my baby is born in February. I am currently a dependent on my mother’s insurance that she gets through her employer in Washington state, while I live in California. My husband is also a dependent on his mother’s insurance here in California.
The insurance I have told us my baby would be covered for 21 days after her birth, but that she cannot be added because I am already a dependent. I am unemployed at the moment and living off my husband’s paychecks, which are under $2,500 a month.
I am wondering what the health insurance options are for my baby, or if WIC or MediCal are the only options?
Due to new laws I am able to be covered under my mom’s insurance until I am 26 (I am 23)

Sarah Fields answers:

Well WIC isn’t insurance. It’s just a nutrition program for pregnant,nursing mothers, and children under the age of 5. Your baby should qualify for it once it’s born. I would sign up now, you’ll start getting food for yourself while your pregnant. Then they will tell you what to do to get your baby signed up once she is born. I’m sure since you’re unemployed you should qualify for Medical. I would look into this now because it can take a couple of months to get approved. You don’t want a laps in insurance when your baby gets here. The only other option for insurance for your newborn would be to pay for it yourself or see if your husband can get it from his job.

Donald asks…

Medicare in California?

I am pregnant, two to two and a half months.
I have health insurance with Aetna from home depot but I want to know if I should get off it to get onto medi-cal. From others experience I hear they take care of the pregnancy fully rather then a percentage and help out with doctor visits. I’m 19 and a nanny so I don’t make much money but also don’t want a fat bill in the mail when returning from having the baby. What should i do money wise ?
The insurance I have is with my parents and I can get off it. Medicade is for the elderly..i have many friends that have been and said medi-cal is for pregnant women. But thank you for trying to know what your talking about.

Sarah Fields answers:

If it’s through your employer or your husband’s employer, the only way you can “get off it” is by quitting work – you can’t drop coverage outside of open enrollment.

Right – welfare health insurance (Medicaid – or Medi-Cal in California, MediCARE is for retired folks, you won’t get maternity benefits there) picks up 100% of the tab. But most doctors and many hospitals flat out won’t take it.

You can always apply for your welfare health insurance, even though you also have private health insurance. If your household income and assets are low enough, you might still qualify for it.

Besides that, you’ve got seven more months – you’ll have to start saving your money, and probably pick up a part time job while you still can, to save THAT money.

Richard asks…

Health insurance for pregnant women?

Does anyone know a good (and inexpensive) insurance provider for pregnant women?
I live in Florida, but not sure if I would qualify for low income…

Sarah Fields answers:

Depending on where you live they will either have Medicaid or something similar. Type in *Your State Here* Pregnancy Medicaid in your google search. If you live in California, its MediCal. I’m not too sure what other states “Medicaid” is called.

Even if you can’t get the pregnancy medicaid that takes care of all of the expenses they even have an option, where if you make more money but still not enough to pay for insurance or out of pocket for doctor visits, you can pay a co-payment.

Check it out…. I live in Florida so here is our website:

If you let me know what state you live in I will try to find you a site where you can apply, or find an office where you can apply at.

Otherwise most insurances probably wont take care of your pregnancy expenses (doctor visits… Ect.) because its a pre-existing condition… But with Medicaid you don’t have to worry about it.


Well if you live in florida, click the link and check it out. Here’s the section you should take a peek at:

“Medicaid for Pregnant Women

The State of Florida has several programs designed to provide Medicaid for pregnant women. When determining eligibility for pregnant women, the unborn child is always counted when looking at the income limit for the family. Women that are found eligible for Medicaid remain eligible throughout the pregnancy and for the two months following the birth of the child, as long as the mother remains a resident of Florida. The baby will automatically receive the first year of Medicaid.

For more information, please see the Family-Related Medicaid Factsheet. (Page 10)

There are three ways to apply:

1. Presumptively Eligible Pregnant Women (PEPW): A temporary coverage for prenatal care only. For more information, please see the Family-Related Medicaid Factsheet. (Page 9)

2. Simplified Eligibility for Pregnant Women (SEPW): A simplified “full coverage” for pregnant women only. To apply, please complete the one page application linked below. Print the application and mail, fax or return it in person to the nearest ACCESS office: (English) (Spanish) (Creole).

3. ACCESS application: This is an application for “regular” Medicaid, including children, cash assistance and/or food stamps. Please visit this link to begin:

Women over the income limit for Medicaid, may qualify for the Medically Needy Program. For more information see the Family-Related Medicaid Factsheet. (Page 12)

For pregnant women who do not meet the citizenship requirements for Medicaid, see the information below about Emergency Medicaid for Aliens.”

Check out the “medically needy” program if you do not fit in the income bracket for regular medicaid. You should be able to get something unless you make really good money.

If you click on the link, there will be more links with more information…. So check it out it cant hurt. I hope i helped out and im hoping you can get the insurance because god help you if you have to pay it out of pocket……… It is pricey to say the least!

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