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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 April 16
by Sarah Fields

Betty asks…

What health insurance does star bucks provide?

Hello I am in a dilemma. I am pregnant without insurance, my current company won’t give anyone hours to get benefits or even when we do full time hours give it to us, and medical has left me hospitalized 2xs, once due to doctor neglect. I have heard very good things about star bucks providing insurance to people at only 20 hours a week, and I feel this is a job and hours I can perform while pregnant. I was wondering what company (ies) they offer and how good the insurance is as I can’t get insurance thanks to California passing laws that allow all insurance companies to deny pregnant women, leaving the choice of working for money at poverty level ($1000 or less a month roughly) to get poor medical from medical, or work more and pay the $25000 it costs to have a baby. What the he’ll is wrong with this state? Leaving pregnant women with the possibility of little to no health care or a lifetime of debt when trying to save to start a good life with their new baby? I’m willing to pay $300 a month? What the heck?

Sarah Fields answers:

You have to work at LEAST 20 hours a week, or 240 hours in the prior quarter, to qualify for health insurance. So you have to wait at least three months working there, before you qualify. They have three different plans to choose from – which, of course, YOU will have to pay for.

California hasn’t specifically passed any laws allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to pregnant women. Laws are about what you CAN’T do, not about what you CAN do. HOWEVER. Trying to buy health insurance AFTER you’re pregnant, is just like trying to buy a lottery ticket, AFTER the number has been drawn – it’s too late.

Additionally, it does NOT cost $25,000 to have a baby. Now, if you want the CADILLAC, hospital version with a planned c-section and total meds, then sure, it’s going to cost you that much. But how silly is it, you only want the most expensive birth option if SOMEONE ELSE is going to pay for it?

You can homebirth with a midwife in California, with full prenatal care, for about $3,000. Or, you can have a midwife attended birthing center birth, with full prenatal care from a midwife, for about $5,000

What the hell is wrong, is that people demand the most expensive medical care, and demand that someone else PAYS for it. Since you’re willing to pay $300 a month . . . You should have NO TROUBLE finding a midwife willing to take your $300 a month and put it towards your labor fees. $300 times 9 months is $2700 . . . And whatever it is you spent the $300 a month on LAST year, instead of health insurance . . .you can sell that, to make up the $300 difference.

Now that you’re going to be a mama, you need to be responsible for YOURSELF, and your baby too. That’s how it works. That means, among other things, not relying on someone else to pay your top of the line, most expensive medical care costs, when you get pregnant. And, of course, not getting pregnant again until you have a plan in place to pay for the NEXT birth.

Donna asks…

My girlfriend lost her job, and our baby has no more health insurance?

My girlfriend and I do not live together yet. I work full time. She worked fulltime at starbucks. They fired her today. Our 3 month old son was under her insurance, and my open enrollment just passed so I cant put him on mine until next year. I live in the state of California. I do not live with her. She lives with ehr parents… and I room with my brother and his girl. This economy is really jacked up. I want to get a place with her, but how in the world will we get insurance for baby boy until I can put him on mine?

Sarah Fields answers:

Doesn’t California have Child Health Plus?

I’m in NY and I believe its a federal thing that Hillary Clinton kept pushing and was passed. I have my daughter on it, the application is kind of like a welfare application. I pay $9 each month and it covers the child.

George asks…

i just found out i was pregnant, i lost my job last month and now i have no health insurance! what and where c?

where can i get low cost or no cost health care in the state of california, so i can go get a check up??? help!!!

Sarah Fields answers:

Your local health department. When you sign up for wic (women infants children) its free they give you free milk, cheese, bread, beans, juice.. And more but when you sign up for that they will give you free health care and find you a obgyn, dentist.. Free on your part. Then when you have the baby they will give you 9 cans of formula every month and when they are old enough for baby jars they will give you a certain amount to every month. And every state has it! Or you can go to your local social services. They can provide you a little health care but i would say make a appointment with your local health department i found mine online i Googled it.

Congrats and good luck

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