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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 May 29
by Sarah Fields

Laura asks…

Health Insurance question.?

I am recently married and have health insurance through my employer with aetna. We have yet to change her name over on the insurance as it is still in her maiden name. We recently found out she is pregnant. Before a doctors visit should we be making a call to get her name changed over? Is she still covered at all on my insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

Depending on what state you are in, answers may vary.

In California getting married is a qualifying event. That gives you thirty days to sign her up on your group medical insurance, no questions asked, and as long as she has had some kind of insurance in the last 2 – 6 months (depending on whether it was individual or group) pre-existing exclusions will be waived.

It won’t really matter about the name change, though there may be some bureaucracy involved if you delay, the coverage itself will not be affected.

She is not automatically covered if she was not previously on your insurance. Ask your HR department about getting the necessary forms today, and turn them in immediately.

And by the way: Congratulations on both your marriage, and the impending baby.

Mandy asks…

Getting my baby on insurance?

I’m 20, unmarried, and a full-time nursing student, so I still have insurance through my parents. I live with my boyfriend, my baby‘s dad, and he has insurance through the hospital where he works. His insurance isn’t too expensive for him, but if he were to add the baby onto his policy, the price would nealy double, taking almost half his paycheck every month. I work as much as I can parttime, but with taking fulltime classes, along with clinicals, there’s no way I can work fulltime right now. We would be considered low-income, and I know my baby would be eligible for medicaid. I’m only 26 weeks along, but I really want to have everything arranged by the time he gets here. Who would I contact for more details about getting on it? We’ve never used any kind of supplemental assistance like this, so I really don’t even know where to go. It’s probably too early right now, but when would I need to start filling out the paperwork?? Thanks for your help!!!

Sarah Fields answers:

Your baby will be covered under your policy for the first 30 days, so you don’t have to panic.

I don’t know where you live – in California there is a program called First Five California. They helped me sort through all the programs available and figure out which one I qualified for. I didn’t qualify for Medical, but got “moderate-income” assistance which meant we got Blue Shield for $6 a month.

You likely have a city or county group that can help you – certainly the department of child welfare will know.

The hospital usually hands out a take-home box with all kinds of local information about immunizations and child health insurance. Maybe ask at labor & delivery in the hospital you work in – they may have brochures that might help also.

Sandra asks…

How to get health insurance for a pregnant woman in California that is a LEGAL immigrant?

Ok, my fiancee is pregnant. She’s a legal resident, but from what I understand, she isn’t supposed to use any type of public benefits (aka welfare) and we really don’t want to either. I have company health care (HMO), but my company won’t pay for her, and for me to add her onto my plan is like $900 more a month (IT IS INSANE!!!!!). She doesn’t work as she is a stay at home mom. We are not married, but we were planning on an October wedding before she found out she was pregnant (7 weeks), I imagine we are still going to stick to our plans.

How can we have this baby? I make $36,000 and live in San Diego. This would be our 2nd child, I can barely make ends meet. Before you judge me about having another kid without the true financial means, she was on birth control for 2 years. We don’t know how this happened, but I guess it’s not true 100% protection.

Are there any insurances we can get? How can we get help with this baby? What can we do?
Thank you for your help.

Sarah Fields answers:

She cannot get any insurance no matter her status. Insurance companies will not accept someone that is pregnant, not even the father. She does not qualify for welfare so your only option is to put her on your policy or pay the doctor cash.

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