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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 July 16
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

health insurance and medical abortion?

so i just took a pregnancy test today im 18 and pregnant. i cant sleep i cant eat im a mess. i need to terminate this pregnancy asap so i can get on with my life. i called my health insurance HealthNet, and they DO cover the medical abortion (abortion pill) thats not plan B. its the abortion by medication. they also said i need to find an obgyn to approve it or something then its all covered. so i called one and they said i have to pay 750 dollars!!!! even if they do cover it i still have to pay that! im in california btw, and i dont even have 100 dollars. could i go to a hospital that covers me and get it for free? or for atleast 100$? at most? or do i have to go to plan parenthood at spend the 350.
ya i was on birth control too. i missed one day the hole month, doubled up the next day. guess that messed it up.

Sarah Fields answers:

Are you serious? Just to let you know that abortion is NOT a form of birth control. Had been using some form of protection you would not be in this mess. Grow up and face the facts you were not responsible and now you have to deal with it.
I was a young mom too. And i took FULL responsibility and i do not regret one bit of it. My kids are my entire life. I now am married and have 3 amazing kids. I couldnt be happier.

Oh yeah and btw..your BABY has a heart beat now.

Mary asks…

No insurance and a baby on the way…?

I’m 23 with 2 part time jobs and no type of insurance or coverage & my boyfriend has a crappy job with no benefits either. We are getting married but got pregnant earlier than expected. Who should we talk to, to get help with paying all the baby bills (hospital visits etc.) My family doesn’t want to help either and say we shouldn’t have the baby :(

Sarah Fields answers:

Don’t worry about a thing. You can go to your local health clinic and receive medicaid. I am also 23 with
my first child on the way. I live in the sate of California and I’m receiving medical because I have no health insurance.
As far as your parents are concerned, don’t worry, they’ll come around. You are a grown woman and not a teenager.
Good luck and God bless!

Richard asks…

Pregnant, on my parents insurance, can I get medicaid for my baby?

I am a 23 year old student, working part time in retail and living with my mother. I am 25 weeks pregnant. My parents’ insurance covers my prenatal appointments, but it will not cover my baby. Will I qualify for medicaid? (I live in California, so here it is actually called medi-cal)….

I went to the office to apply, but the lady told me to come back when I was in my third trimester. I really want my baby to get insurance, but I am worried that I won’t qualify.

I would appreciate hearing your experience if you have been in a similar situation, or know how it works. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

Too bad you didnt terminate the pregnancy early on since you have no way to support the kid or even yourself apparently and have to rely on dwindling government charity.

The Health Care law of 2010 that allows you to be covered on your parents insurance excludes your children. You are the adult child only who is allowed to be insured.

You have to buy an individual policy for the baby. For the child alone, there is Health Families for low income people, California’s S-CHIP plan but since you live at home your parents financial info must be on the application and I dont think you qualify.

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