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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 August 14
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

i am 17 and pregnant and don’t have health insurance?

i just found out i am pregnant and i am 17 ill be 18 in june. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN ABORTION!!!!
i don’t live with my mother or father i live with my aunt and grandma…. i have no health insurance and that is a big problem because how am i going to pay for the doctors and delivery…. can some one please help me finding some place that can help with insurance for the baby and me.

P.S i live in california . and please don’t even bothers answering me if u have nothing good to say because i do not need your immaturity. Thank you so much for you help :)

Sarah Fields answers:

You definitely qualify for state Medicaid! Apply ASAP and they will usually make it retro-active to when your pregnancy started! It will cover all of the prenatal care and delivery! Where you are a single mother you will probably qualify to keep it for both you and the baby after it is born! Good luck!

Oh goody! Jenna is here! I have heard about her on other threads! She thinks anyone that has a baby before they are 30 should be beaten in the street!
Don’t listen to her! Notice she disliked all of our comments because we actually helped you!! Go away Jenna!

Donald asks…

Who can I get cheap health insurance through that covers from State to State?

move alot because my bf’s job requires him to do so now and again. I have lived in a couple of States in the last year and we are due to move again but his job hasn’t said where to yet. Is there a health insurance company that covers most (if not all) States that has reasonable pricing that I could get covered under? I just had a baby a few weeks ago and I am a homemaker with some not very nice health issues so I need to make sure I’m taking care of myself too (especially now). If you have any suggestions, please help. Thank you :)

Sarah Fields answers:

I didn’t give Zarnev a thumbs down because I’m a fan, but he’s actually wrong on this one. In certain states you can buy plans that will go with you state to state. In Maryland & California (for example) you can buy certain Blue Cross plans and when you move you simply change your address. You’d keep your BC plan and be able to access the Blue Cross network of doctors in whatever state you move to. You do have to live in those states to buy those plans initially, but after that you can move anywhere. Generally you can’t make changes to the plan or switch plans but they’ll continue to bill you no matter where you live. I have clients that I sold policies to in both states that now live in other states. So you just need to find an insurance broker that does business where you live now to let you know what your options are. You may not have that option depending on where you are. Other companies like Aetna and United Healthcare will allow you to move state to state BUT only to states they sell in AND the plan will reprice to the local rate. So, if you’re in PA (where Aetna is competitive – for example – and then move to another state where they’re not then it’s not going to be a great alternative).

Charles asks…

Which Health Insurance Benefits do I choose?

I am finally eligible for health benefits at work. My wife has recently decided to attend school, so therefore I will have to include her in my benefits. With so many to choose from, I wanted to find out options. To skip the PPO, since it’s overpriced at my job, I will list several I am considering. First, we are both healthy couple, we are on our early 30s, and planning on having kids, so maternity has to include. My work offers AETNA California Small Business group plan. Here are the following I am considering….
1. HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA) – Really considering due to the tax advantage, but you have to select a high deductible heath plan (HDHA). We have HSA $3000 deductible, HSA $2500, HSA $2000, and HSA $3300.
2. We also have HMO with co-pays ranging from $10 to $50
3. Aetna Value Network (AVN) HMO with copays $10 to $50

With so many selection, my head is starting to spin. So if someone can enlighten me the deductible they chose if you are planning to have kids and also saving tips on selecting the health benefits that would work for a couple.

Considering with high prices on health insurance, I am luck enough to have a decent company that can provide fair prices.

Sarah Fields answers:

PPO only describes your doctor network, just like HMO, and doesn’t really address COVERAGE.

You don’t actually mention any COVERAGES. Coverages are crucial.

Look, add up your medical bills from last year. Plug them into each of these plans. Add up your total monthly premium costs. And see which way makes you come out “ahead of the game”. That’s the only way to do it.

Oh, and then do a year with a baby – budget $25,000 for a hospital birth.

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