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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 September 3
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

How do I adopt my friend’s daughter?

My friend is the worst mother I’ve ever known my entire life. Her children are undisciplined, dirty all the time and rude.

CPS has been called repeatedly, but I feel that the state of California is failing these children.

Nurses, teachers, anonymous callers, etc have been called. Every single time they come, the workers tell the parents that they are on the way so they clean up the house and their acts and coach the children.

They were forced into court once, but the judge dismissed their case, even though 3 of the mother’s previous children have been removed already.

The youngest child suffers from Diabetes. I’ve been there for her since the beginning, and I know without a doubt in my mind that I would care for her far better than her mother could, for she is failing in every since of the word. They are on government assistance, and their pathetic, overbooked, borderline incompetent by caseload welfare doctors seem oblivious to the condition of the child.

In the near future, I will be able to offer the little girl far better medical care, training, and education that her parents. Her father is a drunk without shame and the mother is lazy and indifferent. I am far better educated, I have a career with medical insurance, and will offer the daughter a better life than her parents.

I want to adopt their daughter from them. It’s a matter of time before the child is absorbed into the system, for she is 5 years old now and will be starting elementary school. How do I go about it before they are delegated to separate foster homes?

I myself have no children of my own. I am 26 and single. However the child adores me, I have a well standing, well off, supportive family. I have no criminal record and I am responsible. I am more than emotionally equipped to handle the care of a 5 year old special needs child, but is this good enough for a court?

Sarah Fields answers:

You also have questions about your husband being worried about how sex will be after age 50, how much masturbation is too much (posted in Men’s Health), your missing boyfriend, your missing wife, not wanting to name your baby after your boyfriend, and various questions about girl’s baby names. I’m going to go ahead and assume this question isn’t real.

Betty asks…

Can I be denied health/dental insurance from my employer because my wife is pregnant? I work in Costa Mesa, CA

I have been an employee for a year and could only enroll during open enrollment. My wife is only being put on my dental. They said after the baby is born then we are cover?

Sarah Fields answers:

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. My wife was 2 months pregnant when I started my new job and she was covered right away. I think pregnancy cannot be considered a “pre-existing condition.”

But then again, California is more liberal than Texas about those things. It may be different there.

John asks…

i am an US green card holder.I am 4 months pregnant.Is there any free hospital at USA for my health care?

I am not able to afford my operation expenses and other medical treatments related with pregnancy.If you give the free hospital names of Arizona,Alabama,California,LasVegas and NewYork city then it will be grateful to me.please help.

Sarah Fields answers:

There are no free hospitals per say BUT there is a thing called Medicaid that you can get on if you do not have health insurance. They cannot deny you if you are pregnant and they will pay all expenses including OB office visits, ultrasounds, labor and delivery including an epidural. Make sure you check at the hospital though about the epidural because only a select few will not allow an epidural for Medicaid patients. Then once you deliver, the baby is also eligible to get on Medicaid with you and they will pay for the baby’s checkups and stuff. There is also an assistance program called WIC that you can qualify for (its for low income parents who) and they can give you formula for the baby. Or if you’re breastfeeding they will give you a really nice breast pump. Look into both of these, they are great. Hope this helps and congrats and good luck!

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