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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 September 8
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

And if anyone says something stupid like ‘being born’ or answering this question, I will beat you…in the virtual sense :P
Can I just say that when I posted this question I wasn’t expecting much…but after reading some of these answers I realise how good my life has been. I have never lost a parent, or been seriously ill or poor or anything. My heart goes out to you all. :)

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends.

I was married to a man for 2 months that used me for my credit and then I had to foreclose on my home and now have to file for bankrupcy.

I moved to New york, (I live in california) for a boyfriend and he killed my dog and lied about it and let me find her on the side of the road. I was also deathly ill at the time and he told me it was in my head. I didnt seek medical treatment until after I found out he killed my dog.
I had to move to my parents house in illionois and was admitted to the hospital with a life threatening infection once I got there. I was in the hospital for christmas and new years.
Im out now and am recovering but have no health insurance so I owe roughly 22 grand in hospital bills and have no job.
I recently moved back to california and all of my belongings are at my sisters house in CT because I couldnt afford to move it further. I am unable to find a job so far because of the economy. Im looking!

I have other things, but that is the most recent and most severe. Im sad everyday about my dog. She’s been gone for almost 2.5 months now. She was my baby and fit in the palm of my hand when I took her home. I had her for 3.5 yerars :(

Bad enough for ya? :( lol

Maria asks…

If i had a baby at 17 would i have to have my parents sign for medical insurance?

like to have medicare so my bills arent’ so expensive???
i live with my fiance i don’t talk to either of my parents due to family issues … i’ve been working since i was 14 and i’ve been on my own since i was 13….. i live in california what can i do???????? my fiance has full coverage health insurance but we need to know

Sarah Fields answers:

Have you been emancipated? If so, you don’t need their input for anything. If not, I really don’t know the laws in California on that point.

Mandy asks…

In short, what is going on with Health Care in the US?

This may be a dumb question but I am totally confused by what’s going on with Obama and universal health care. I really don’t understand this issue. Why is everyone so mad about this? And why is Obama for it? Can someone explain this to me in simple terms?

Sarah Fields answers:

In Simple terms?

Why is everyone so mad about this? There are many reasons…just to name a few…1. Healthcare works for about 90% of Americans and almost all of them are HAPPY with what they have. Those people tend to think, and rightfully so..”why change something that is working for most people?”. As the saying goes..don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. OR, You might have a wall that needs replaced in your house, but your not going to tear down the entire house to rebuilt a wall. Just fix the wall. 2. Many people see this plan as a way for government to take more control over private industry and companies. People are weary because we have seen the government bail out banks AND auto industry, and they do NOT want government to have such control over another major industry in this country. 3. Many believe that if government passes the health care bill, it will drive out most private insurance companies (how can a company compete with a government that can LOSE money? Aetna can’t very well compete for your business if you can go to a company (government plan) and get insurance cheaper (because government doesn’t have to MAKE money, they can just raise taxes on everyone)…so the private insurance companies will go out of business and government will have control over the insurance of EVERYONE. 4. It’s well documented by Obama’s comments in the past, his relationships with certain individuals, and the people he surrounds himself with, that he’s much more of a “socialist/marxist” thinker than most of America. Those are only a few reasons why many are mad about this.

Why is Obama for it? Who knows, because he thinks healthcare is a right and not a priveledge. From his past comments, he tends to think that government should have more decisions in our lives. Because he wants to get as much stuff done for radical changes while he is in office? I’m not sure why he’s for it…he knows if he passes this now, it will NEVER be able to be “undone” later. It’s something he can do, and it will be forever. He doesn’t seem to consider how much it will cost us in the long run…it could bankrupt our country.

It’s complicated, and I think the majority of people, even those against this bill realize that something DOES need to be done to help those people who fall in the cracks and do not have insurance. The question is why overhaul the entire system when a few smaller laws and changes would help the majority of americans without insurance. They need to make medicaid on a sliding pay scale, and those people who do not have insurance could BUY it through medicaid if they need it. They need to pass a law to allow insurance companies to sell their policies across state lines (right now they cannot..if a company is located in NY, they can’t offer policies to people in California..which takes out a lot of competition), they need to pass a law stating insurance companies cannot drop people who develop a chronic illness, and they need to make a tax deduction to people who donate money to some type of non-profit who helps insure the uninsured.

They do NOT really need to overhaul the entire system…a system that 90% are happy with, and a system that works for 90% of americans. They DO need to make some changes, just not overhaul everything….If you need to add a bedroom to your house, you don’t knock down the house and start over, you simply work with what you have and improve it…that’s what we need to be doing.

Another issue people have is that we have a bigger deficit than we’ve ever had in the history of our country, now isn’t really the time to be adding more debt.

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