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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 September 23
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

How much more time will Obama need before ANYTHING he has done works out?

falsifiable…Eliminating wasteful spending? You owe me a new keyboard. I just ruined mine from spitting up on it.

Sarah Fields answers:

The very first week in office, President Obama reversed the Bush/Cheney policy of keeping the true costs of war OFF the budget books and added them in (which took political courage on his part), so there are no more fudged figures as there were throughout the Bush/Cheney regime. He then signed into law the Lily Ledbetter Act which allows workers to sue corporations for discrimination in the workplace (equal pay for equal work). Then President Obama had experts go over the final Fiscal Year Bush/Cheney budget for October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009 (the first NINE months into the Obama presidency were on the BUSH budget!), and CUT SPENDING from that Bush/Cheney budget by around $122 BILLION—dollars returned to the Treasury to PAY DOWN our nation’s deficit! These cuts were the $61 BILLION Bush-ordered presidential helicopter fleet and the 168 Cheney-ordered F-22 planes at $362 MILLION for EACH PLANE! This was in only few weeks. Next, President Obama summoned all major credit card company CEOs to the White House to discuss consumer protections, and then forged a bill that is now law, the Credit CARD Act of 2009, which prevents predatory fees, puts a stop to shady billing practices, and makes terms legible (see website and click on Issues for more details). Look up the historic health care and insurance reforms, too—there are a whole MOUNTAIN of achievements rolled up into two bills that are now law of the land, the second portion being the Fix-It committee mark-up changes. According to the April editions of Reuters and Washington Post, the Obama administration succeeded this year in reducing this nation’s deficit (REDUCED THE DEFICIT!) by 8%, even though compounded interest rates may eat this decrease up. Some of this reduction was attributed to the very wise decision by the Democrats and President Obama (with NO HELP from the bank-friendly GOP) to LIMIT welfare-bank executives’ salaries to a “mere” $500,000 a year (poor babies), and no bonuses except with INVESTOR-APPROVED preferred stock until every single Bush-Bernanke-Paulson bailout dollar was repaid in full WITH INTEREST, so 14 of the 400 hastened to pay us back early, by last December, a total of $181 BILLION so far—all money that was applied to the deficit. This nation is finally on the right path, and you are NOT giving President Obama or the Democrats enough credit. Want more? Check out the new green-energy plants that are part of President Obama’s Green Energies Technologies Initiative which he mentioned both during his campaign and in his first months in office—a way for the United States to be LEADERS in earth-friendly technologies (a restoration of our GOP-destroyed manufacturing base…and JOBS!), exporting to other nations and helping our planet at the same time, while also reducing our nation’s unwise dependence on foreign oil (and the GOP’s BIG OIL lobbyist buddies are fighting HARD to keep these changes from taking place)! Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, California, Massachusetts, and quite a few other states have new projects up and running. In Wixom, Michigan, a 340-acre idled Ford auto plant is being revived in collaboration with Ford Motor Company for a manufacturing park for solar- and wind-powered equipment—check it out. Like I said, you are NOT giving President Obama nearly enough credit for the good that he has achieved in such a very short time! Read the terms of the Fix It bill signed into law on (click Issues and select Health Care). College students can now make DIRECT loans at lower interest straight from the Department of Education instead of having high-interest-charging banks as middlemen. None of the 1300 for-profit insurance companies can abruptly DROP premium-paying consumers as soon as those consumers actually become ill or injured and need the coverage for which they’ve paid for years. There are SO MANY MANY good things that have happened under President Obama’s wise leadership. How about the 46-nation Nuclear Weapons Threat Summit he organized and hosted that had other nations giving the U.S. Their weapons-grade nuclear materials (plutonium, etc.) to be processed down into fuel-grade? Or the 30% mutual reduction in nuclear weapons (the SALT III) that President Obama negotiated and signed with Russian President Medvedev? The winding down of the Iraq war by pulling our troops out of cities and towns in preparation for bringing them home this month? I supposed you will criticize the president when jobless claims spike temporarily upon our soldiers’ return—but just remember, the spike is TEMPORARY. Be fair. Be patient. Use the website to stay abreast of the achievements that ARE working out for America and for Americans. Banking reforms is being blocked in the Senate, but these are CONSUMER PROTECTIONS that would prevent another MELTDOWN and also prevent any TAXPAYER BAILOUTS by requiring that banks put a portion of their profits as

Thomas asks…

if i have prenatal care medi-cal, can i move to another state and still get coverage?

i have medi-cal insurance for uptill two months after my pregnancy, but if i move to another state before two months after my delivery, can i still get coverage over there?

Sarah Fields answers:

Medi-cal – welfare health insurance – is run on a state by state basis, and is not transferrable.

You would have to reapply to your new state. While it’s possible you’d get approved, in some states, two months isn’t enough time to process everything.

You’re probably best off staying in California until the baby is born.

Chris asks…

Anyone been a surrogate mother in California and had/has surrogate-friendly insurance?

Or, a lawyer or health care professional with any suggestions? I’m interested in being a surrogate for friends of our that cannot have a baby (their sperm and egg). But I’ve heard of many situations where the surrogates insurance does not cover any of the medical costs, or very little. Any info or suggestions appreciated. (I’m in Sacramento).

Sarah Fields answers:

The “parents” are the ones responsible for all the medical Treatment. Your insurance isn’t going to cover it because they are suppose to pay for it.

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