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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 October 22
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

Anyone have Healthy families insurance in California?

I’m 12 weeks pregnant and have a high deductible kaiser insurance plan. I have a feeling I will end up paying 4500 (my out of pocket max) to give birth. Anyway, I recently found out I qualify for Healthy families insurance for me and the baby, so I applied and waiting to hear back. Just wondering if anyone has their own insurance in addition to healthy families? I wasn’t sure if I could have double coverage to get help with the deductible… It’s too late for me to change my plan because open enrollment at my work has already passed

Sarah Fields answers:

Sure. Lots of people have welfare in CA. Having private health insurance does not necessarily exclude you from eligibility for welfare.

However, Kaiser doesn’t take welfare – so you won’t find a doctor to take both the Kaiser and the welfare – you’ll be trying to find a welfare doctor to take you, and you’ll be giving birth in that welfare hospital.

Ken asks…

Approximately how much does Artificial Insemination cost?

My fiance and I want to have a baby but have been unsuccessful so far and have been tossing around the idea of artificial insemination but aren’t sure if we’d be able to afford it? We live in Montana but any price range for any state will help us get an idea – Thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

Artificial insemination typically costs between $300 and $500 per attempt. The typical success rate is 10 to 20 percent, so five to ten attempts could be required. However, success can vary widely by individual, age and cause of infertility; some patients never achieve a pregnancy through artificial insemination.
Examples include Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, California, which charges $350; the University of California-San Francisco Center for Reproductive Health, which charges $398; and Alta Bates in Berkeley, California, which charges $500.
Although it is common for insurers to have exclusions for fertility treatments, some insurance plans cover artificial insemination. Some states mandate insurance coverage of infertility treatment, with some restrictions. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine lists states that require coverage. In most states that mandate coverage, the law applies to group insurance plans of companies with 25 or more employees; individual plans are less likely to cover infertility treatments. On, patients share their experiences with various health insurance companies and plans., run by an affiliate of Merck Serono, offers advice on navigating insurance benefits and a toll-free phone number 1-866-LETS-TRY, that offers help figuring out what your plan covers. The American fertility Association has a list of questions to ask your insurer.
For patients covered by insurance, it is common to pay out-of-pocket costs of copays from $10 to $30 for each visit. Some plans only cover a percentage of the cost of treatment — usually 50 to 80 percent.

Ruth asks…

Illegal immigrants bankrupting local health care?

Letter in a California newspaper.

I work in a local hospital. When gathering statistics for a report recently, I collected information from our maternal infant floor for three random days. During that time, 67 babies were born. All but three were born to mothers with Latino surnames. Of the 65 mothers, 46 were listed as single — not married. With the exception of three mothers, every single one of those mothers were being paid for by MediCal. In other words, they were on public assistance.

Each of those babies born will attend public schools. Each of those babies will also be on public health insurance.

It is unusual to hear English spoken in my hospital. Our hospital provides health care to anyone who shows up at the door. Those people rarely have insurance and because of this we have been in danger of closing our doors for decades. Much, if not most, of our financial problems are due to illegal immigrants.

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, they are illegally destroying all heath care and our Representatives are doing absolutely nothing about it. Please vote

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