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Baby Health Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 June 8
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

What if I am pregnant and I don’t have insurance?

I live in California if that helps any. I am 18 years old and was supposed to start my period a few days ago. I already live on my own in an apartment with my boyfriend and we are nervous about if I were to et pregnant how would we pay the bills? Is there anything we can do do get health insurance quickly if we find out that I am pregnant? Would we get approved fast enough and would people even approve me? How does that all work?
What exactly is medi-cal and how does it work?

Sarah Fields answers:

I just went through all this and it was so hard I was in tears trying to figure it out, so I hope I can help you with what I learned. I live in Ca also. I have the money to pay for insurance or a Dr, however due to a previous injury I have had a hard time getting health insurance so I pay cash. I found out I was pregnant and the Dr.s in my area(Sac) would not take cash! (I don’t know why this is a policy) I called planned parent hood because they helped me when I was I a teen. They said that they do the preg test and then give you paper work for medical but it takes up to 10 weeks! And then you have to go to a Dr because the only give you a test they don’t treat you if you are keeping the baby.

I looked online for Dr.s that accept medical. I found one in Sac. I went to them and they gave me paper work to do in there office and stamped it to validate it. Then I had to go to the medical office and do the official paper work. It takes a while like 8 weeks to get it all finished. Durring that wait you can pay for your appointments with the stamped paper from the Dr/s office. It is like a temporary medical card.

If you type in find a Dr that accepts medical in your area there is a long list. Also if you call your normal Dr they might have a suggestion for a Dr who accepts medical in that area. I found mine by calling a Dr I knew who then told me all the offices in my area who accepted it.

Good luck

Paul asks…

I need health insurance for my baby when she is born. Where is the best and cheapest place to look?

I am already coverd by my employer, they do not offer to pay for my child and I am not qualified for state assistance. I am 30 weeks and I am worried that my child will not have coverage when she is born and I will not be able to afford medical help. I dont even know where to begin.

Sarah Fields answers:

Check to see if your state has insurance for mid-income families. California has healthy families for those that don’t qualify for no cost medi-cal(medicaid). Just pay a monthly fee which is $15 for me and a $5 copay. Go to wherever you would apply for medicaid, food stamps, whatever it is and ask to speak to a worker to see if they have anything available like that. Or search for your state website and see if your state provides anything like that.

David asks…

im 15 and live in california, im wondering how much medi-cal charges the father my baby if i went throughthem?

for health insurance. anyone?
what do you mean if hes on the application? you mean if we apply together? or what?

Sarah Fields answers:

You are 15 and have a baby? You and the baby can get Healthy Families. Medi-Cal is for adults over 18 and no one pays for it unless they have a high income.

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