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Baby Insurance After Birth Question & Answers

2014 January 25
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

How much is the cost of delivering a baby in california without insurance?

Hi, i’m from the philippines, and I’m planning to give birth in california specifically in san francisco or los angeles where I have relatives. I wish to pay in cash but I would like to know how much discount I can get for a normal delivery or c-section. I hope you can provide me with organizations as well as their contact numbers that can guide me throughout the process within those area. Thank you so much.

Sarah Fields answers:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you exact info, because each hospital and doctor will have their own rates and requirements for payment. However, all hospitals and doctors have cash discounts for maternity. You will need to check with the specific doctors and hospitals you plan on using. Check ahead, since some may require the payment ahead of delivery. You will probably pay for a vaginal delivery but be prepared to pay for a c-section and the additional days if that should occur. Of course, you will also need to be mindful that you will have to pay a pediatrician for the baby’s well-check and a possible circumcision if it’s a boy! You will also want to inquire about the cost of an epidural should that arise.

Ask your relatives what hospitals are in the areas you plan to be in at the time of delivery. Surely, they would be able to recommend one or two. Then probably, you can look on-line for OB’s that are affiliated with that hospital.

Since a normal 2 day stay vaginal delivery would run $13,000-$15,000, you could expect to pay 1/4 of that if you paid cash.

Daniel asks…

Will military insurance pay for the birth of a baby if the parents are not married?

I have a friend that is about to have a baby. She has no insurance and currently has one child. The father is a deadbeat, but he is in the National guard. She keeps telling me that because they are not married she cannot receive his insurance for the birthing process. Is this true? Also the military should cover the insurance of the one son and the child on the way correct? Is there any other assistance I should suggest to her?

Sarah Fields answers:

She is not eligible for any support. She is not married to a service member. A Guardsman is only allowed health care while on active duty, and then for himself only. The military has no obligation for her or her children’s care. She should see a family court judge and arrange for child support from the father of the children, then an appointment with planned parenthood would not be out place.

Lisa asks…

why is it necessary to meet my baby’s pediatrician a few months before baby is born?how many weeks before baby?

‘s birth should I schedule the appointment with baby‘s pediatrician?

and can I do this even before I enroll my baby to the health insurance plan, or do I have to enroll first then meet the doctor?

what do I talk about with the pediatrician since she’s not born yet?


Sarah Fields answers:

It is pretty much just a meet and greet, to get to know the practice, the staff and the doctor and make sure you are happy with all that. Not absolutely neccessary if you already know the office you are planning to go to. You shouldn’t have to enroll your baby into your insurance plan before you go to meet the pediatrician. I wasn’t able to enroll my baby until the day she was born. I don’t think they charge anything for that anyway. I didn’t get charged (neither did my insurance)

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