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Baby Insurance After Birth Question & Answers

2015 August 31
by Sarah Fields

Linda asks…

How much does the hospital bill usually run after insurance?

baby bill? hospital after insurance how much does it usually run? i;ve got money just curiousity! info would be helpful thanks
i have carefirst bc bs insurance. which is a great one!

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on your insurance and how much they cover. You will have to call them and ask. Then try to figure it out. I’ve heard that usually vaginal births are $2,300 and c-sections are $2,700. Circumcision is around $250.

Ruth asks…

About how much money will it cost me to deliver a baby in a hospital without insurance?

The hospital called me yesterday saying they hope I have the baby in the next day or so, because Medicaid has dropped me for the month of December. (My baby is due Dec. 03) I will try to fix this problem, but if I can’t, I need to know about how much money is normal for a hospital delivery and stay without insurance. (Assuming the birth is uncomplicated)

Sarah Fields answers:

Ask, beg, bribe, do whatever it takes to have your dr. Induce you…. It costs tens of thousands of dollars for an uncomplicated natural vaginal delivery… Over 20,000 if I remember correctly (with an epidural, which does add to the costs because of the anesthesiologist). My son is 3 months, and just our insurance copays were close to 1,000.

Carol asks…

What happens after the doctor runs tests to make sure the baby is healthy?Do you and your baby get to go home?

When does the doctor say it’s okay for you and your newborn baby to go home? Respond ASAP if you know the answer!
I’m doing a presentation at school, and I just needed to know. I am not a parent!!
I’m doing a presentation at school, and I just needed to know. No I am not a parent, sorry!

Sarah Fields answers:

Often with hospitalizations it’s the insurance who decides how long you stay in the hospital. They used to kick you out very quickly. Bill Clinton signed a law into effect that women with a vaginal delivery can stay 48 hours and with a c-section they can stay for 4 days. That means the hospital can’t kick you out before that, but if you don’t want to stay that long you don’t have to. My doctor said she would send me home 12 hours after the birth if I wanted to but she would be more comfortable with me staying at least 24 hours. It really depends on the doctor.

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