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Baby Insurance After Birth Question & Answers

2013 August 13
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

How to get my baby insurance?

I will be under my moms insurance and I will be giving birth in a few months. How do I get my baby insurance? He can’t be on my moms also can he?

Sarah Fields answers:

You could try and apply for Medicaid or you could give your mum legal guardianship and she can then provide insurance. Unless you are willing to go get a job and pay for it yourself, I dont think you have many options.

William asks…

How long is a baby covered on its mothers insurance after birth?

Is there a law requiring that a baby be covered on its mothers insurance after birth for some amout of time? Like 72 hours or until you leave the hospital the first time? My husband and I are wanting to put our baby on her own plan instead of adding her to mine because it is so much cheaper. I know that my insurance has to add her if I apply within 30 days of her birth & if there are complications, that is what we will do. But if there aren’t, will my insurance cover us until we leave the hospital?

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on the insurance company. Call yours and ask. Mine covers the baby under my plan for 30 days– but after that, she needs to be on her own plan. Therefore, as soon as she is born, I am going to call and have her added to our plan, as it could take some complications.
But yes, most insurance companies will cover the child under your plan after the birth, for a given number of days. Call and check!

Ruth asks…

How do I get a birth certificate for our newborn?

I need to put baby on my insurance and I need the certificate first.

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on your area. But most insurance will put them on till you get the birth certificate. Most the time you have to go to courthouse or records department for your area. It takes about two to six weeks for them to process it. Look for vital records. Same place you get a marriage license, or death certificate. In Illinois it is by county.

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