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Baby Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 November 14
by Sarah Fields

Ken asks…

Can someone suggest a good fertiltiy clinic in the Bay Area, California? What Insurance is good?

Has anyone researched on success rate of fertility clinic in Bay Area? Which are the top / best ones? Also what type of insurance should I take up to ensure everything is paid for? Did anyone use Kaiser
Vs Aetna?

Sarah Fields answers:

Though success rates are important to look at do take them with a grain of salt. Know that there are clinics that turn difficult cases away to keep their success rates high. My case is a difficult one and I know of several clinics that would turn me away. Do find referrals. You can search by location and ask about local clinics at Http:// You can also search or ask this question on I know there are quite a few women from the bay area who frequent that forum.

I hear mixed reviews for Stanford, but have no personal experience. I have heard great things about Fertility Physicians of Northern California as well as UCSF. Nova in Palo Alto is a great clinic too but they do not take many clients. Zouves is a good clinic too but they do not take insurance. I am not so sure about Kaiser. For one, I think only the Fremont center does IVF. Two, I know two women who did IUI’s (One in San Francisco and one in Walnut Creek) who failed many times. One of those women went through 15 IUI’s, all failed, and they never told her she should move on to IVF. She never even heard of IVF until it was too late.

I have only cycled at the Reproductive Science Center. Their main office is in San Ramon where you would have your retrieval and transfer but all other appointments can be done in San Jose or Orinda. I highly recommend them! They do work as a team and while you will have one main RE you may have another for one of your procedures if your main RE is absent. They do this so they can stay open daily. They may not have the highest success rates (Though they are still great) in the bay area but that is because they do not turn away difficult cases like other clinics will do. My insurance does not cover the costs of IVF but RSC’s financial department is great at finding what your insurance will cover. They also have a Shared Risks program where you pay for about 2 cycles but can do 3 IVF cycles and 3 frozen cycles. If you do not take home a baby you will get your money back.

Feel free to contact me through my profile here if you have any questions! Good luck!

Maria asks…

Can I have a combined insurance with my husband even though we have different addresses?

Can I have a combined insurance with my husband even though we have different addresses? I live in California, my husband lives in Vegas, we just got married but I am still living with my sister to help with her baby. I go back and forth.

Sarah Fields answers:

If your insurance has providers in your state, you are OK-Blue Cross/Blue Shield has providers in all states. If you have an HMO, it gets trickier. You will have to call your carrier to be sure.

John asks…

What steps are needed to obtain a license to sale Insurance in the State of California?

I have a college degree, but just had a baby and I’m looking to obtain a license to sale Insurance for when my son gets older so I can have a flexible schedule.
What is the process in the State of California to obtain a license to sale Insurance? (car insurance, business insurance, home insurance, etc.)
Is there a seperate license for each kind of insurance? or does one license cover all of them?
Also, what are the steps to obtain a license?
Any information would be great!
(also, how long is the process of obtaining a license?)

Sarah Fields answers:

You go to the California insurance department website. They’ll tell you how to do it.

There are several types of insurance licenses – the lines you mention all fall under property/casualty. You have to pass a test and pay a fee. Once you do that, any agency would hire you on, on a straight commission basis.

First you study – anywhere from two weeks to a month should be fine. Then you take the test, then within a couple weeks your license should be mailed to you, if you pass the test.

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