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Baby Insurance California Question & Answers

2014 August 2
by Sarah Fields

Sandra asks…

What is the best and most affordable insurance for baby?

Or is anyone know if there is any pediatrician for free? I live in California. Thanks

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are low income, look into the CHIPS program for kids. Check with your local social services agency. Otherwise, you either have to pay for insurance or pay for the services.

Daniel asks…

How do I get insurance for my baby?

I’m 19 years old and pregnant and I’ve come across the problem of finding insurance for my baby.
I am currently covered under my mom’s health plan and can stay covered through college. Unfortunately, my baby won’t be able to be covered under her plan seeing as how she will not be the legal guardian. Furthermore, I won’t be able to get my own plan because I will not be working and will stay a dependent of my parents.
Any suggestions as to the best route I can take to insure my kid?
Oh, and I also live in California if that makes a difference.

Sarah Fields answers:

Of course you can get your own plan, just not through an employer. You do not need a job to buy health insurance in CA. There are numerous companies that sell policies to residents of CA without even asking if they have jobs. One of the larger examples is Anthem Blue Cross, and there are others as well.

The best route is to do exactly what anyone else who does not have a job that provides health insurance (either because they do not have a job or because they have a job that does not provide health insurance) should do: go to a local insurance agent, or another website and get a quote for how much it costs to buy insurance for the person who needs it.

Carol asks…

Is it possible to get Kaiser Health Insurance Plan just for a baby?

I live in California and am 13 weeks pregnant. I am already covered for health insurance through my dad until I am 26. Although his plan only covers dependents of him therefore I need to find insurance for my baby. I really don’t feel comfortable with any other health insurance other than Kaiser. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a Kaiser Health Insurance Plan just for a baby? And if so around how much money will it cost per month?

Sarah Fields answers:

As a direct result of “0bamacare” it is impossible to get a plan for only your baby from ≡ANY≡ insurance company, not just from Kaiser.

You have three options. However, two of these options will only work if you or baby daddy is at least 19 years old. Insurance companies will only accept you if the primary policy holder is 19 or more.

1» Get off of daddy’s plan and get your own policy. You can then add baby to that policy. However, you cannot do this until after the baby is born because the insurance company will not accept anyone already pregnant, which means there will be several weeks that the baby is not insured. You’d better hope there is nothing wrong with the baby. I know a girl that had a premie and he was in the ICU for 8 days. She had a bill of $62,000 for this.
2» Get a job that has health benefits. In this case you would not be allowed to stay on daddy’s policy but you and the new baby will be covered.
3» Have baby daddy get a policy and add baby to that policy. Again, he cannot do this until you’ve delivered the baby, so again hopefully the baby will be well.

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