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Baby Insurance California Question & Answers

2015 December 29
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

can a tourist in california could get a health insurance in this state?

i’m a tourist here and 2 months pregnant i’m planning to give birth here in california.

Sarah Fields answers:

I lived in Cali for 21 years of my life and am now living in WA. The medical coverage there is much better then most places. Here are some links to help get insurance. Or you can go to A local Medical Facility, And ask of away to get coverage as a non-Citizen of California. Also you have to be in the state for at least 6 months to become a citizen. By the time your baby is born you will be considered a citizen. From what I also know is if you tell them that you plan on being in the state of California for a long period of time they will help you get Medical Insurance, you can then discuss where you would like to have your baby and choose a doctor. If you plan on staying longer then 6 months you can then qualify to get a CA drivers license (only at 6 month mark). If you do not have the money for Medical Run to any local DSS.(Department of Social Services) And they can sign you up for Medical.

I hope I helped some. Good luck And congrats!!

Joseph asks…

Why does the media continually report that there is tension between black people and latinos?

Asides from gang issues in California, are there really issues between the two groups in other places. If so, where do they stem from and why do they exist?

Sarah Fields answers:

Look at as competition for the largest minority and growth potential to become the majority. Today illegal immigrants execute a loophole by coming to this country and having a baby who is immediately considered and American Citizen. Although illegal they get to stay in the country (because laws are not enforced). They get to increase our insurance rates (because they are not legal drivers and are uninsured). They are moving up in the crime area at a phenomenal rate. They also make it tough to get needed medical attention at the free clinics because of the shear numbers of unhealthy, disease latent, illegals filling the clinics. African Americans notice this and are beginning to feel slighted not from the caucasian but from Latinos.

So a socialist policy, put forth by Obama, benefits both minorities differently and it will create an even greater rift when an influx of immigrants cross our border and take advantage of our governments precious services that will be created and allowed under a liberal immigration policy, that I the American Company Owner and worker get to pay for.

Latinos are growing at a phenomenal rate. They will most likely take over the majority in a little less then two decades. This will put more emphasis on amnesty, and immigration and less emphasis on the causes that are considered very important to African Americans.

Good Luck – in the next 20 years, this will get worse before it gets better.

Donald asks…

How is spousal/child support in California calculated?

We are considering divorce and I would like to know if I’m financially better off or just living through this. We have a newborn baby that also needs to factor into the equation.

Sarah Fields answers:

I believe child support is calculated as 25% of your disposable income (meaning after taxes, but before insurance, 401k, etc.). But it also depends on the custody agreement. If its 50/50, then if you make more than her, you pay her, but if she makes more than you, she pays you, and so on….

Oh, and it is never worth living through it. Your better off paying the bucks, but being free…

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