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Baby Insurance California Question & Answers

2013 October 24
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

How much does it cost to have a baby in the hospital including the drugs?

I have to do a paper for school in Health class about how much a baby costs for the first year. I need to know how much the labor/delivery costs are and the Anesthesia. I also need to know how much the ultrasounds would be for nine months and the doctor appointments. Please help.

Sarah Fields answers:

I live in California and had a c-section. It cost $35,000 — not including my doctor and the anesthesiologist. My insurance covered most of it and we had to write a check for $1,200. In addition, my OB’s services cost $5,000 (I paid $500 after insurance) and the anesthesiologist was about $2500 (I think we paid a couple hundred after insurance). Nine months of prenatal care….gosh, i haven’t dared to add everything up!! Insurance did cover most everything, but there were certain tests i had done that weren’t covered and i was RH- and they didn’t cover my Rhogam shot ($140 a pop and i had four!). My ultrasounds were covered by insurance, as was most of my blood work. I would guess that I probably paid $1500 for my prenatal care out of pocket.

It was so expensive I decided to get an IUD so I wouldn’t accidently get pregnant any time soon….only to get billed $1000 for the IUD!! Turns out my insurance doesn’t cover contraceptives.

Mary asks…

How much does it typically cost to have a low risk pregnancy at home with a nurse midwife without insurance?

Anyone who has had a baby at home with a nurse midwife, can you tell me about your experiences? I live in Western NC. FYI-Unless you have knowledge on the subject, I do not want to hear about how it is “dangerous” to have a child at home. I would always have access to a hospital. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

Truthfully it depends on the state you live in a how certified the nurse/midwife is. I am a nurse but I was recommended from my OBGYN boss for a outside patient to help her deliever her baby due to hip complications. First things is you want to have all your local hospitals on file…just in case. Make sure you have a full background on the nurse and midwife you choose to decide. Make sure all her/his equipment is sealed to so that all the items are sterile and they are qualified to administer drugs in case the need should arrive…a lot of nurses have to get certified in certain criterias before being near that patient….DETAILED background information…This is your child you are talking about and if somehting should occur you don’t want the nurse in question to get by with a malpractice suit. As for me personally, I delievered a baby in the state of California and was paid $3500 for the 18 hour in labor my patient was in…I could have asked for more but I was being paid hourly as well from the hospital I worked at. When and if you decide, go with your gut…make sure to have a relationship with them so you feel comfortable with them on the day of delievery…..alot of women feel like this a good method but they never do any research. Be Safe in your decisons. Congrats and Best Wishes

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of any good health insurance for newborns and children in southern california?

I need to get my 2 month old health insurance and there are just too many. I would like to know if anybody has health insurance for their kids and is happy with it.

Sarah Fields answers:

You have 2 options:
1. Welfare
2. You or baby daddy add child to your policies

As a direct result of “0bamacare” you cannot purchase child only policies anymore. Now, you must add your child to a parent’s policy. Contact an agent that works with all of the major companies in your area for assistance. The agent can find you the best plan for your situation and budget. There is no charge using an agent. Other than that if you are low income you may qualify for welfare. CA has a child health program.

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