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Baby Insurance Commercial Question & Answers

2013 September 13
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

Where do I find that car insurance commercial with the adult baby in the back screaming?

I can’t remember the name of the commercial but I saw it as one of the ads when I was watching something online but it was a grown man sitting in a baby car seat in the back acting like a baby, screaming, throwing things and spilling stuff on himself. It was hysterical!!!!! I tried to find it on youtube but didn’t have luck. Can’t remember if it was State Farm or something else. Does anyone know where it might be found or what the name of the commercial is?

Sarah Fields answers:


All State Toddler Mayhem

Michael asks…

What commercial stops your baby in their tracks?

My son will be running around with his push toy and the Pampers Cruisers commercial will come on and he’ll stop dead in his tracks, watch it, then take off again when it is over. lol

How about your little ones?

Sarah Fields answers:

The ones with Flo in them. She is the one who sells the call insurance.

Oh and like the previews for Wheel of Fortune. He loves Wheel of Fortune. I dont know where he got that from. But, anytime it comes on his stops in his tracks and watches the wheel spin. He loves it!

Lisa asks…

What Superbowl Commercial do you think was the funniest?

I don’t think the best superbowl commercial was that funny. The one with the horse and the dog. That won for the best. I think the doritos one with the mouse was the best. What do you think was the best?

Sarah Fields answers:

I liked the baby (i think it was for insurance). And i liked the t-mobile one i think it was called ‘hey chuck’ — that kinda made me laugh cause that really happens!!

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