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Baby Insurance Cost Question & Answers

2013 December 9
by Sarah Fields

Helen asks…

How much would private insurance cost for two adults and 1 baby?

My fiancé and I would like to get married. About how much would it cost for the two of us and our 14 week old?

Sarah Fields answers:

First of all, it’s highly unlikely (depending on where you live) that anyone will sell you a plan with a 14 week old baby. Those well baby visits – mandated to be COVERED under Obamacare, with no copay – run around $8,000 the first year.

Also, a GOOD low/no deductible family plan, is probably going to run you around $1600 a month.

If you want to pay the first $5,000 a year of medical bills, per person, you might be able to get that down to $500 a month – IF no one has had any surgery in the past two years, no one is overweight, and there are no preexisting conditions.

David asks…

How much is medical insurance?

How much would medical insurance cost in Ohio (approximately) for 2, 30 years olds and one baby?

Sarah Fields answers:

Really depends on the insurance company and your prior medical history. You have to qualify for insurance so if you’ve had any problems in the past, especially the last 5 years, or are taking any prescription drugs, you will have to pay more.

The best plans are generally PPOs with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. For a family, monthly insurance will ROUGHLY run about $1100 for a super comprehensive plan. For a plan with less coverage, it might be $500 to $800 per month with BC/BS. They are the best.

But it greatly depends on the type of insurance you want. How much you want to copay, how much they cover, what you want covered, etc. There’s no easy answer to this question.

James asks…

How much does having a baby cost in the US?

And if you have no insurance, and you are a runaway 16 yr old?

Sarah Fields answers:

Depends – my first child, between the cost for him and me, it was over $33,000 and that was almost 13 years ago. He was born amonth early and in the NICU for 13 days. My second and third were around $3500 and the twins (born 1/26/09) cost over $37,000 (my daughter and I were each about $16,000 and my son was almost $5,000) and then I had complications that cost an additional $13,892.15 on top of the $37,000. So having a baby CAN be quite costly if it is not just a normal full term vaginal delivery. Good luck to you. I would suggest looking into medicaid.

Edit: These are just the hospital charges alone (not including any of the physician’s charges (such as my OB, high risk, anesthesiologists, etc.). This does not even begin to cover the cost of baby’s needs (i.e. Car seat (if you can not afford one, most hospital will give you a free one), clothes, food (consider applying for WIC), medicine (if needed), bathing supplies and diapers and routine medical care for both of you after the birth.

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