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Baby Insurance Cost Question & Answers

2015 June 3
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

What do you think of this idea about healthcare?

We are allowed to deduct our health insurance costs from our taxes.

And those who think places like Cuba’s Healthcare is better, should be allowed to deduct the plane trip to Cuba for their healthcare.

I think it is a win win.

Sarah Fields answers:

I prefer the plan we had before the government started interfering – I go to the doctor, I pay. You go to the doctor, you pay. Fat people, drunks, smokers, junkies, tramps, baby factories and illegals are held responsible for their own actions. Doctors decide what tests and treatments are called for in a given situation. If you can’t pay your full bill at once, YOU make arrangements to make payments. Allowing anything to be a tax deduction is just another way of pandering to one group while punishing another group.

Carol asks…

Typically for a healthy young 27 year old male, how much is health insurance monthly?

how much would health insurance cost?

Sarah Fields answers:

Varies by State and what is minimum Mandates. You don’t get to choose but the Government decides what is covered so you a 27 yr old male who has no need of Well baby care still pays for that to be covered. Go to your State Website and see what group rates they are offering. Make sure your local doctor, hospitals and pharmacists accept that policy.

Sandra asks…

How much (on average) does having a baby cost?

Not literally having the baby at the hospital, my insurance has got that covered. I mean like the expenses that come along with having a child. What would someone roughly guesstimate that to add up to for the first 5 years of the child’s life.

Sarah Fields answers:

It really depends. If a parent insists on having everything brand new, it can be quite expensive. If a parent understands that gently used is just a good as new, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Breastfeeding is free while formula is expensive.

Cloth diapers are a one-time investment while the expense of disposable diapers continues to add up (I used cloth during the day and disposable at night with our youngest daughter).

Making your own baby food is inexpensive while little jars of pre-made food can be very expensive.

Our girls are now ages 28, 20 and 17. We have not found raising them to be anywhere nearly as expensive as estimates claim. We did virtually all gently used things for their clothing, toys, etc.

Make sense?

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