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Baby Insurance Cost Question & Answers

2016 April 7
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

How much does a baby cost each month?

I dont plan on breast feeding and also, about how many times a day does a baby need changing ?
Thankyouu :D
To anyone thinking that ‘if I have to ask, I cant afford it’ just how does that theory work ? There’s being skint and worrying about money, or theres this thing called BUDGETING I find that it’s best to be prepared :)

Sarah Fields answers:

Newborns need changing 6-8 times a day. In Australia disposable nappies cost around 30cents each. A tin of formular costs around $22 and will last you about 1 and half- 2 weeks. Setting up a nursery, including car seat, stroller and the whole lot will cost around $3000. There are ways to make it cheaper by buying second hand, or using cloth nappies which can be reused (although you will spend more on detergents nd chemicals to clean them). The medical costs will depend obviously on your health insurance. In Australia health insurance is about $180 a month and you have about $2500 extra expences for ultrasound and OBGYN fees. Other things to consider are- will you need a new car? Will you need maternity clothes?
To save costs you can look at items which you can do without- do you need to buy a baby-bath or do you have a laundry troff that will do? Do you need to buy a change table or can you change your baby on a bed or the floor? Do you need to buy a steriliser or are you happy to boil the bottles on the stove. LOTS of variables and things to consider. The bottom line is they are expensive! But ofcourse worth every cent! Good luck!

Maria asks…

How much does a baby really cost?

My husband and I are going to start ttc this spring and are trying to get a general idea of how much having a baby is actually going to cost. We have insurance through blue cross blue shield. How much should we expect to have to pay for from conception through birth? We are also wondering about the first year after the baby is born. Thank you for your answers, we are trying to be prepared as much as possible.

Sarah Fields answers:

Medical- about twenty doctor visits our premium with BCBS is 20.00 plus hospital stay was an extra 200 so 600.00
Baby Clothes- so far my sons five months about 300.00
(take ANY hand-me-downs offered, even if they ar ugly)
Formula/Rice Cereal- We use the Target Brand and he goes through about a can a week so 200 plus about fifty for rice cereal and baby fruits and veggies, so 250 there
Diapers- (BUY IN BULK) We use Luvs because that is the only brand that he doesn’t pee out of and He goes through a box of 100 diapers every two weeks, so that’s 200 so far plus diaper wipes a big bag every month so another 50, so another 250 there,
Any toys-because you are bound to see some little toy somewhere and have to get it!!
Crib- 250
High chair- 50
swing- 50
playpen- 75
Its expensive, I’ve spent around two grand so far on my son and hes only five months old, But really accept any hand me downs any anything someone trys to give you, If someone says oh I have a highchair and a baby swing and some clothes do you want them!! YES if all else fails you can put the stuff you don’t use up on EBAY or sell it to a second hand store. Good Luck!

John asks…

How much does a baby cost for the first year of its life?

For my health project I am to calculate how much a baby would cost for the first year of its life. This EXCLUDES presents relatives would give at a baby shower.

I would like to know, what are some of the things necessary to raise a baby in its first year?
If possible, would someone please answer with a list of things he/she had purchased to raise his/her child?

Sarah Fields answers:

I think it depends on certain things… Are you using cloth or disposable diapers, formula feeding or breastfeeding, do you have medical insurance or not, is this your first baby or have you had previous ones for hand me downs, will you be buying things new or used? Am I over complicating the question? Lol! Just a few things to think about. Our son has been very inexpensive. We use cloth diapers, breastfeed, didn’t start giving him anything but breastmilk until he was six months old at which point I would make a little extra of what we were eating for him, which is also cheaper than getting baby food (this wasn’t just to be cheaper BTW it was a well thought out and researched decision to go the route of Baby Led Weaning). Hope I helped at least a little bit?

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