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Baby Insurance Coverage Question & Answers

2014 April 23
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

What happens when you are laid-off while you are pregnant and lose your medical benefits?

I will be laid-off from my current position before I have my baby. I will have a job to go back to after I return from my leave, but there is no guarantee that they will pay my medical insurance while I’m off with the baby. I need to know what to do in order to have insurance coverage for when I give birth and during my leave.

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are a US-based employee, there is a law called COBRA that may help. Employers must offer you the option to carry over any health coverages that were in existence during your employment post-termination. The difference is that you will pay the full cost of the coverage premiums; when you were employed, your company probably paid a good chunk of the cost.

By law, your HR department is required to provide you info at or shortly after termination on any COBRA-eligible benefits. In most cases, you can retain COBRA for 18 months post-term (sometimes longer); you’ll also be able to add your baby once it is born.

Good luck.

Robert asks…

Is it possible companies pay less to insurance providers and keep their employees insurance at same level?

Due to this economic crisis, insurance providers charge more for each insured people and companies decrease or cancel their employee insurance coverage. This resulted in more and more uninsured and underinsured people. Is there any IT or non-IT method that can help companies and insurance providers work together to cope with this situation?

Sarah Fields answers:

Faulty premise. Insurance providers aren’t charging more because of the economic crisis – they charge more and more every year, because CLAIMS are steadily increasing. They typically pay out about $.99 in claims, for every $1 they charge in premium.

The way to fix this situation, starts with people taking responsibiltiy for their own health: with 70% of Americans over 65 being overweight, and 60% of ALL Americans being overweight, the FIRST thing to do, is diet & excercise. Stop smoking. Stop having sex outside marriage (resulting in uninsured babies and lots of diseases being spread). Stop taking recreational drugs. Obey the trafffic rules when you drive, and stop talking on your cell while driving.

People don’t WANT to live healthy – they want doctors to fix them, and insurance to pay for it. That’s the non-IT method of fixing this. But I’m sure YOU find parts objectionable – and so do MOST Americans.

Lizzie asks…

Where to see doctor without medical insurance in Phoenix?

My husband just started his employment with Arizona State University. There is 90 days waiting period for the insurance coverage. During the first three months of his employment, we won’t have any medical insurance coverage. We have a seven months old baby. In case we need to see the doctor, what we should do? Is there any place will take the patients without insurance with a reasonable price?
Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you

Sarah Fields answers:

Look at low cost urgent care/clinics. Zoom Care is an example of one.

Otherwise, it’s time to reach out to a local pediatrician or PA to see if they can offer you a cash discount if baby gets sick.

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